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Upper School Art Curriculum

Students study three areas of art: Art History, a long-term art project, and tone drawing.

From ancient cave paintings to current contemporary art, Art History provides the student with the opportunity to study the development of man and to learn how art and culture mirror the collective consciousness of that time in history. This fosters a vivid sense of oneness with all cultures and our heritage as human beings, and cultures the students’ ability to eloquently express themselves.

Out of this Art History study, students select a favorite artist, and do a master copy and a 10-minute talk and slide presentation on their favorite artist. They photograph their own materials and process the film.

Students keep a working journal, which incorporates lecture notes, ideas, drawings, doodles, poems, quotes, pictures, movie reviews, experiences with master copy, books, nature, etc. The journal is a working textbook and is used to chart and record student insights as they follow the class.

The long-term project provides the students with the opportunity to design and implement a large creative project in a medium in which they have previous experience. The course cultures independent, self-directed work that encourages self-referral and the development of greater self-sufficiency. Students are introduced to the professional standards of art making and also participate in a competitive exhibition.

In the Tone Drawing class, with the in-depth study of nature through direct perception, students learn how to locate, analyze, and accurately reproduce tonal structure, shape, scale, and proportion of objects. Students learn to look for changes in direction of shapes and objects and to see tone in terms of high contrast and fused or soft shadows. This ability gives the students a coherent understanding of nature, which, once mastered, provides the students with the ability to draw or paint anything. They also participate in a competitive exhibition.