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“Stress is impacting our schools with damaging effect on students and teachers alike. Nothing we have tried seems to help for long. With beautiful stories and scientific evidence, Ashley Deans tells the remarkable story of Consciousness-Based education – a practical program with an impressive track record of success in schools and colleges. This is a book that restores hope, gives concrete evidence, and lays out a framework for a simple, effective solution to an ever-increasing problem.”
—Ralph Wolff, Ph.D.,
Executive Director, Western Association of
Schools and Colleges

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Hazards of Modern Education
Chapter 2 Developing the Total Creative Potential of the Student
Chapter 3 Maharishi School: A Model for Consciousness-BasedSM Education
Chapter 4 Record of Excellence: Achievements of Maharishi School Students
Chapter 5 Skill in Action: Enjoying Athletic Excellence
Chapter 6 Averting the Danger: Preventing Health Problems in This Generation
Chapter 7 Consciousness-Based Education in Schools
Chapter 8 Preventing Violence on a Global Scale
Chapter 9 Introducing Consciousness-Based Education into a School
Chapter 10 New Principles of Education Resulting from the Experience
of Total Knowledge
Chapter 11 Conclusion
Appendix I The Science of Creative Intelligence® and the Fulfillment
of Modern Science
Appendix II Maharishi University of Management
Appendix III How to Learn the Transcendental Meditation® Technique
Appendix IV About the Author