804 Dr. Robert Keith Wallace Drive • Fairfield, IA 52556 • Toll free: 866 472 MSAE (6723)

Community Life

Fairfield is a small town in southeast Iowa with a remarkably lively community life for a town with a population of approximately 10,000. The community that has grown around Maharishi University and Maharishi School over the past thirty years gives the township a varied population with many interests and occupations. As a result, this town has a range of attractions and services normally only found in larger cities.

The largest coherence-creating group in the Western world is in Fairfield, where two Golden Domes have been specially built for the group practice of the technologies of peace, the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs. This is the reason many people have chosen to live here, and is the basis of the success of this community.

For a small town there are many art galleries, specialty shops, and a large number of restaurants with international cuisine catering to all tastes. There are gourmet French and Italian restaurants, three Indian restaurants, two Thai and Mexican restaurants along with many others, including homegrown American-style eateries.

Another great favorite serves gourmet pizzas and other delicious fare in the ambience of a charming secondhand book store. The range of choice in restaurants is remarkable for a town of this size and allows residents to enjoy a variety of cuisine and atmosphere.

Around the town square there are 25 art galleries, which host a monthly Art Walk held on the first Friday evening of each month. This is such a vibrant event that visitors come from all over Iowa to be a part of the fun. There is live music on the square, people stroll from gallery to gallery to view the work of the many artists in the community, and the restaurants are all open and full of people. Some of the restaurants host art exhibitions, where local artists sell their work. The whole town feels vibrant and friendly.

In October 2005 Fairfield First Friday Art Walk was honored with the 2005 Tourism Event of the Year Award by the Travel Federation of Iowa and Iowa Department of Economic Development, Iowa Tourism Division. The winner was chosen based on impressive attendance figures and effectiveness in promotion of tourism, as well as involvement with the community.  

Maharishi School winning photographs in the 2006 PIEA International Traveling Exhibit—consisting of the 112 winning images from the competition—will come to Fairfield for the March Art Walk in 2007. Maharishi School sponsors the Fairfield venue. The exhibit will travel in two venues around the world for three years going to museums, high schools, universities, and conventions. It will be seen by over 700,000 people.

Fairfield was also recently designated as a “cultural district” by the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs. This designation recognizes Fairfield’s vibrant and diverse art and entertainment activities, as well as its many cultural facilities. It also means Fairfield will be eligible for tax credits for the rehabilitation of historic structures, as well as grants from state agencies such as the Iowa Arts Council, the State Historic Society, the Iowa Department of Economic Development, and the Iowa Finance Authority.

There is a lively theater, dance, and music scene in Fairfield, with several venues featuring both local and touring artists—throughout the summer there are concerts in the Square Pavilion. Around the town square there are specialty stores offering organic clothing and bedding, natural health and personal care products, unique gifts, and several bookshops.

There is a biweekly Farmers’ Market open to all, where local farmers and organic producers sell their wares for all to enjoy.

Extensive walking and bike trails encircle the city giving residents the opportunity to walk and bike through pleasant park land beside charming water reservoirs and rivers.

Iowa City, home of the University of Iowa, is one hour to the north and a favorite getaway spot on the weekends for shopping or trips to the cinema or Hancher Theater, which offers an extensive annual program of visiting theater, dance, and music performances.

With its many pleasant eateries, shops, and entertainments, Fairfield is a uniquely friendly and interesting community, which quickly makes all newcomers feel welcome and part of the town life. The town has a lot happening within a small radius, making it easy and accessible to enjoy all the variety. We welcome you to this thriving and surprising community on the plains of the Midwest.

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