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Brain Integration Report Card

Scientific research has shown that Transcendental Meditation develops total functioning of the brain. A “Brain Integration Report Card” has been developed by Maharishi University of Management in order to assess over time the effects of Consciousness-Based education on the student’s brain functioning and overall educational experience.

Maharishi School offers to students, on an optional basis, this possibility of supplementing traditional measures of student progress such as grades or performance with additional measures such as brain wave patterns, practical intelligence, emotional stability, behavioral and emotional responses. The growth of these measures indicates increasing health, happiness, and success.

For more information please click on the Play icon below to hear the developer of the Brain Integration Report Card, Dr. Fred Travis, speak on “Experience Changes the Brain.”  

Brain during the TM technique

Over time, this response leads to increased intelligence, improved academic performance, improved decision making and higher moral reasoning, and reduced stress-related disorders.

Brain during stress

Over time, this response can lead to impulsive, short-sighted, even violent behavior; increased anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, learning disorders, and increased stress-related diseases.