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Maharishi School in Iowa to Accept
Boarding Students Starting in August 2002

"The development of the total brain potential of every student must be the top priority for every parent and educator today. The unprecedented achievements of Maharishi School students in all areas of life—academics, the arts, sports, and social behavior—is living proof that Consciousness -Based education unfolds the inner genius of every child. Now, this ideal system of learning will be available at our campus to boarding students."

--Dr. Ashley Deans, Director, Maharishi School


This August, Maharishi School in Fairfield, Iowa is starting a Boarding School for grades 9-12 and is now accepting applications.
School Director Dr. Ashley Deans says, "This is a wonderful development for our school and an important step to achieve our goal of bringing enlightened education to America and the world. Our Consciousness-Based education provides the missing elements in education today. The School’s extraordinary success speaks for itself."
Indeed, Maharishi School has won more than 95 state championships in the sciences, arts and athletics in the past decade. Recently, The Ottumwa Courier ran a front-page story in its Sports section saying, “In Iowa prep tennis, MSAE [Maharishi School] Pioneers are without a doubt a true dynasty.” This was in reference to the 17 class 1-A state tennis titles that Maharishi School has won since 1991, more than any other school in the state for the same time period.

Maharishi School --True Dynasty in Many Areas

Maharishi Upper and Middle School’s have also captured more first-place awards at state science fairs than any school in the state in past 15 years. They have won more ‘Critics Choice Awards’(nine) at All-State Speech Competitions than any other school in the past nine years. They have won more Grand Prizes in the State’s Congressional Art Competitions, “An Artistic Discovery,” than any other school in the state in recent years. Maharishi School has also created a dynasty in photography, winning 16 first place awards in color and black and white since 1998 at the Iowa Educational Media Association State Photography Contest and many grand prizes internationally. And, they have won more Destination ImagiNation (DI) First-Place in State Awards (12) than other any school in Iowa, and they have placed more teams (9) in the top 10 at the DI World Finals than any other school in the world.

But, what’s even more astonishing is that this is just the tip of Maharishi School’s achievements. Grades 10-12 consistently score in the top 1% on standardized achievement tests, both in Iowa and the nation, and the School has produced 12 National Merit Scholars in the past six years. "The achievements of our students—in so many areas year after year—is a by-product of our Consciousness-Based education," says Dr. Deans. "All the students practice Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation technique, and the older students also practice the advanced TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying. These and other ‘Vedic technologies of consciousness’ prepare our students for greater success by increasing EEG coherence in brain functioning and by rejuvenating the whole physiology," says Dr. Deans.

Simple Formula for Success

"Suddenly our 14-year-old son, Donny,  was doing his asanas more diligently than us, and begging us to take him to the vaidya to find out exactly what he should eat. He continues to go to bed before 9 p.m. of his own accord. He said, "It makes me feel good." Our relationship with Donny has never been better. We are extremely grateful to the Maharishi School and to this community. We love his friends and their families--all of them very respectable people. His teachers have inspired and stretched him. His life has been full of challenges he has been able to meet. He is clear about his "secret formula" for success: stay on the program. Most of all we are grateful for the support he gets from his fellow students at Maharishi School and from the Maharishi University student coaches who have really inspired him for all-around personal excellence. They are ideal role models. This could not have happened in any other place."

- John and Christina Revolinski

Praise from Educators

Patrick Bassett, president of the National Association of Independent Schools in Washington, D.C., commented: "Maharishi School is routinely recognized as outstanding in Iowa, since its students frequently take top prizes in statewide academic competitions. It is an independent school of the highest caliber academically."

For more information on Maharishi Boarding School in Iowa, browse this website (, call 1-641-472-9400, ext. 5064 or email .  Enjoy an interview with Dr. Ashley Deans, the director of Maharishi School on streaming audio on KHOE web site at .   Once on the home page, highlight "program schedule" and then look for the program "The World is My Family."  


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