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8th Grade Girls Basketball

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Holiday Challenge

A first time event, THE HOLIDAY CHALLENGE,  will be held in Fairfield this Saturday, December 15th.  The Holiday Challenge is 8th Grade Girls Basketball teams from the 2 local conferences (Southeast Iowa - Fairfield, Fort Madison, Mt. Pleasant and Washington & Super Conference - Aquinas, Keota, Maharishi and Van Buren) playing against each other followed by an All-Star Game.

The Challenge was created for three reasons. First of all, there are presently very talented local 8th Grade Girls Basketball teams.  The second reason is that the 8th Grade Girls are the only Junior High teams that all play their season at the same time.  Finally, if the Big Ten and ACC can play each other, why can't our local conferences play each other!

The Games will be played at the MUM Field House.  The games will start at  9:00 am and run to 3:00 pm.  The All-Star game will be begin at 3:30. Some match-ups of local interest are: Van Buren versus Fairfield at noon & Maharishi School versus Fairfield at 1:00 pm.

So come be a part of an unique event and see future high school STARS!


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