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Directions to (SEISC) Conference Schools
and Non-SEISC Schools

 Varsity Girls  Varsity Boys  F/S Boys   Jr High Girls
 Jr High Boys
Revised: 2/15/02
NOTE: For future use, please keep these directions stored with your maps in your car.

1.  Burlington, Notre Dame
Is located in West Burlington approximately 45 miles from Fairfield.
Go East on Highway 34 to the town of Burlington.
Stay on 34 east to the town of Burlington
Exit at 61 and go south about 2 miles.
The Notre Dame High School is located on the left side of the street.
For Volleyball and Basketball and Tennis.
Driving time - 65 minutes

2.  Cardinal, Eldon
Is located near the town of Eldon which is about fifteen miles west of
Fairfield off of Highway 34.
Go west on Burlington to Highway 16.
Turn left onto Highway 16 and go one mile south.
The school is on your right.
For Volleyball, Basketball, Track.
JH games are also held here.
Driving time - 25 minutes

3.  Central Lee, Donnellson
East on Highway 34 into Mt. Pleasant.
Then take Highway 218 south to Donnellson
6 miles south of Donnellson
2642 Highway 218
Driving time - 1 hour

4.  Columbus Junction, Columbus
Is located near Columbus Junction.
Go north on Highway 1 to Washington.
Go right on 92 to Columbus Junction.
South on Highway 70, off Highway 92
Driving time - 1 hour

Alternate Route:
North on Highway 1 to Brighton
East on 78 to 218
North on 218 to County Rd. G5
West on G52 to Columbus Junction
North on highway 70 to school (on left)
Saves about 10 minutes

5.  Danville
Is located 15 miles east of Mt. Pleasant on Highway 34.
Take Highway 34 east past Mt. Pleasant into Danville.
Turn right (south) at the stop light onto Main Street.
Go about four blocks to the junior and senior high school.
Driving Time - 50 minutes

6.  Fairfield, Maharishi School

7.  Fort Madison, Aquinas
Is located in Fort Madison in the far southeastern corner of Iowa.
Go east on Highway 34 to Mt. Pleasant
Go south on 218 to Highway 103 turn left and continue to Avenue E.
Turn right on Avenue E at first stop sign.
Go west to 26th Street and turn right.
Aquinas High School is three blocks north.
Driving time - 65 minutes

8.  Harmony, Farmington
Go south on Highway 1 to Highway 16.
Go left on 16 to County road W40 (not marked follow sign to Bonaparte)
Go right following sign to Bonaparte.
Go left on County road J40
High school is on left.
Go past High School to next intersection and turn right.
Go to 4-way stop in Farmington and turn right.
Go approximately 4 blocks and Middle School is on the right.
Driving time - 45 to 55 minutes
*Cross Country meets are held in Croton:
Go to Farmington. After crossing river, turn right.
Go about 8 miles.  Turn left at sign to Croton.
Go about 6 miles.
Turn left at gravel road across from the cannon (in the park in Croton).

9.  Highland, Riverside
North on Hwy. 1 to Washington
Go right on 92 to 4- way stop in Ainsworth
Go left on 218 for 6 miles sign to Highland High School
Go right 1/2 mile to Old 218 go left - school right there
Driving time - 1 hour

10.  Iowa Mennonite, Kalona
North on highway 1 to 540th St. (intersection with flashing light beside
Kalona Cheese Haus)
Go left 4 miles to 4 way stop
Proceed 1/2 mile west
School is on left side
Driving time - 50 minutes

11.  Keokuk, Cardinal Stritch
Is located in Keokuk in the far southeastern corner of Iowa. Cardinal
Stritch is approximately 70 miles from Fairfield.
Go East on Highway 34 to 218 (in Mt. Pleasant).
Go South on 218 to Keokuk. 218 ends at a T. Turn right at the T into Keokuk.
Go to the first stop light.
Take a left on Plank Road.
The school is on the left about 1/2 mile.
Driving time - 1 hour 20 minutes

12.  Keosauqua, Van Buren
South on Highway 1 to Keosaqua
Where road turns sharp left in town go right one block
Then go left one block
Driving time - 25 minutes

NOTE: VAN BUREN JH GAMES are usually played in Stockport.
Go South on Highway 1 to Birmingham
Left at sign (To Stockport)
Go about 6 miles to town of Stockport
At flashing red light turn right
Go about 1 block, there is a church on your right, turn right
School is ahead on the left; Driving time - 20 minutes

13.  Lone Tree
Hwy 1 to Kalona
Go right (East) at 4- way intersection (Hwy 22)
Go about 15 miles to sign with Lone Tree and drawing of tree (Hwy 405)
Go right at sign for 1 mile
School is on right
Driving time - 1 hour

14.  Louisa-Muscatine, Letts
North on Hwy. 1 to Washington
Go right on Hwy 92 to Hwy 61
Go left on Hwy 61 2 miles
School on left side of road
Driving time - 1 hour & 10 minutes

15.  Mediapolis
Highway 34 to Mt. Pleasant
North on 218 about 1 1/2 miles turn right at Buff's Truck stop (H38)
Go 9 miles to T in road go left toward Mt. Union 1 1/2 miles
Go right towards Mediapolis about 12 miles
Go across Hwy 61 down Main St. to flashing red light
4 - way intersection go left on Northfield St.
Follow to edge of town school on Northfield St.
Driving time - 1 hour

16.  New London
Is located on Highway 34 about 30 miles east of Fairfield.
New London Junior-Senior High School
East 34 to New London exit.
Take a left on X23 (county road).  Go north 3 blocks.
Take a right.  Go 2 blocks.  School is on the right.
Driving time - 40 minutes

17.  Pekin, Packwood
Go north on Highway 1 to Highway 78.
Turn left (west) onto Highway 78.
Go past Richland 10 miles.
A sign on the south side of Highway 78 says "Pekin High School 1 1/2 Miles".
Go south 1 1/2 miles.
Driving time - 35 minutes

18.  Wapello
Highway 34 to Mt. Pleasant
North on 218 to Highway 38
West on 38 to Mediapolis
North on highway 61 into Wapello
High school is at 501 Buchanan St.
Gym is on corner of 4th and Hwy. 99
Enter through southeast doors.
Driving time - 1 hour 15 minutes

19. Wayland, WACO
Go north on Highway 1 to Highway 78.
Turn right (east) on Highway 78.
Straight through Brighton
Go 8 miles to Wayland
Second street to left after passing gas station -W55
Driving time - 30 minutes

20. West Burlington
Go east on Highway 34 through Mt. Pleasant.
Continue on Old Hwy 34. Do not take by-pass.
You will be on Main; there are signs to W. Burlington High School
Turn right (south) on Ramsey St.
Go past Middle and Elementary Schools.
The High School is alongside the baseball diamond.
Driving time - 65 minutes

21.  West Point, Marquette
East on 34 to Mt. Pleasant
South on 218 to Hwy 103
Go left on 103 7 miles to West Point
In center of town go right to the Town Square.
At 5th Street, take a right.
School is on that road.
Driving time - 1 hour

22.  Winfield, Winfield-Mt. Union
North on Highway 1 to Brighton.
Go straight at stoplight (east) on 78 to 218.
Go 1 mile south on 218 to 78 east.
Turn left on 78.
Go 6 miles to the junction with Highway 249.
Go left into Winfield
Turn left again 1 block before downtown.
Two blocks to school
Driving time - 50 minutes

*Cross-Country Track (in Morningsun)
To south (rt) on 249
East (left) on 78
12 miles to Morningsun.
Left into town.  Right on Main St.
Go to school.  M.S.Elementary.


1.  Iowa Wesleyan, Mt. Pleasant
Take 34 West to Mt. Pleasant.
Take a left on North Main.
It is 6 blocks down the road, to your left.
Driving Time - 30 mins

2.  Keota
Travel North on Highway 1 to Highway 78, turn left (west) to Richland.*
Travel west through Richland to 77 - turn right (North).
Travel North on 77 past Highway 92.
Continue North for approximately 2 miles into Keota (You'll be on the west end of town)
Go to Washington Street, turn right.
Go several blocks to Ellis and turn left.
Ellis ends in a dead-end and the Junior High, Elementary and High Schools are all there.
All games will be played in the Keota Elementary School Gym.

Go right at Richland
Follow W 15 into Keota
Turn right on Broadway St to the East end of town, until you come to a T.**
Turn left and go 1/2 a block.
Golf course is right there.

Turn right and go 2 blocks
Track is on the right.

3.  Mid-Prairie, Wellman
Highway 1 North to Kalona
Left at 4-way stop (Highway 22)
Go 6-7 miles (east on Highway 22)
School on right
1634 Highway 22 East

4.  Milton, Fox Valley    Note: All games are played in CANTRIL.
South on Hway 1 to Highway 2 (a T-intesection about 4 miles past Keosauqua).
Turn Right onto Highway 2.
Go about 8 miles to the town of Cantril.
Turn Left off Highway 2 to go into town.
Travel about 3/4 miles and the school will be on your left.
Driving Time - 45 minutes

5.  Mt. Pleasant
Track-Go east on 34 to Mt Pleasant
North on 218 (left)
Left at first light- go less than 1/2 mile.
Track is on the right.

6.  Pella Christian
Soccer complex- Take exit 44 off of Hwy 163 close to Pella.
Stay on main road until you have to turn right.
Go 1 block to stop light.
Take left at University Street.
Go 11/2 miles out of town until you get to Neil Drive.
Go left 100 yards.
This is driveway into Soccer Complex

7.  Revere - in Missouri
Highway 1 South through Keosauqua
Left (East) on Hwy 2 to 81 South
Go 10 to 12 miles  (into Missouri)
Left  (East) on "C"
3 or 4 miles into Revere off of 81
Sharp "S" curve
School on left
Entrance on far end of school.

8.  Washington
Track-Turn right on Hwy 92 when you get to town.
Go right when you get to Captain Table.
At 1st stop sign, turn left.
Stay on road as it curves around (S.Iowa St.).

9.  Walnut Ridge, Waterloo
FRM HWY 21- Go on to San Marnan
Turn Left on San Marnan at the light.
Drive abt 1 mile till you come to another stop at Ansborough.  Turn right.
Go 2 miles north till you get to Devonshire Rd.  Turn left.
Go 2-3 blocks till you see a school and the soccer field on your left.
FRM HWY 380 - At Waterloo, turn left on to Hwy 20 which will hook upto Hwy 21.
Rest the same as above.

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