The Development Office is responsible for making fundraising for Maharishi School easy and fun. There are a number of great events that we put on over the year and also promote several on-going programs that support the School. Our Spring Fundraiser this year was April 29th, with great prizes and entertainment.

Smile and Dial

There is now a great opportunity to lower your long distance telephone rates and support the Maharishi School at the same time through the dial and smile program. Click here for more information.

Yearly events

The first events of the School year are the Bike Fest and the Adventure Challenge. This year the Bike Fest was October 5th and the Adventure Challenge was October 8th. The students ask friends and family members to sponsor them for either one of these physical challenges. The Adventure Challenge is only offered to the Middle and Upper School students and involves both mental and physical tasks that send the students all over campus. The Bike Fest involves the entire community coming out on a crisp autumn day to enjoy biking and a carnival atmosphere.

In mid-November we opened our Holiday Store on the Fairfield Square. Donated items from Polar Dreams, Books are Fun, Rose Company, and many other local merchants and artists are sold during the Holiday season.

We also promoted the Harlem GlobeTrotters in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines at the end of December and thank them for their generosity as they donated a number of tickets for us to sell.

The last weekend in April we had our Spring Fundraiser. This year it was the "The Night of a Thousand Prizes" . This year was a tremendous success but next year will be even better with lots of exciting improvements and surprises. Our hosts this year,were the cast from Forever Plaid.

We ended the year with a Golf Tournament June 6th with a $10,000 hole- in-one prize, and many more.

On-Going Programs

The Ideal Shopping Program raises a significant amount of our annual budget for the School. On the local level we have the participation of many of our Fairfield and Iowa businesses and stores. Our Shopping On-Line program with and offers shopping with hundreds of your favorite merchants. These stores will donate a certain percentage of your purchase to the School. This is a great way for the business community to support education and there is no cost to you.

Bike FestDespite the weather, the Bike Fest was a great success. The day was warm and balmy. A number of Lower School children exceeded an equivalent of biking 100 miles! Congratulations to everyone for their individual efforts!

Now it is time to bring in the Bike Fest money. Please contact your sponsors. The children are excited about the parties, but they must have their Bike Fest money in before the celebrations can begin. If you have any questions, please contact the Development Office at 472-9400, #5095.

The Ideal Shopping Program raises a significant amount of our annual budget for the School. A number of our local merchants participate in our Ideal Shopping program. For most of these stores you simply write your check to Maharishi School when you make your purchases. We collect the checks and process them so you get the proper percentage credited to your fundraising needs. The exceptions are the two newcomers to the program, SMITHBURG AMOCO (repairs only, not gas) and BROWN'S SHOE STORE. These two merchants prefer the checks to be made out to the store. They write down your name and how much the check was for and send us this information.


Drug Town
Patti Hancock's Art Supplies
Shaklee: Kay Ferguson, Sharon Starr
Winter Moon Pottery

Fairfield Tire and Service
University Amaco Gasoline
Americus Diamond
Henderson's Frames & Gallery
Martin's Pharmacy (Gift Department)
21st Century Bookstore
Beauty & Clothing
Connie's Hair & Beauty Salon
Dotty's Sewing Nook
Fairfield Flower Shop
The Dandelion Patch
Entree Cafe
India Cafe
Mohan Delights
Noodle House
Taco John's
Thai Deli
The Raj

Specialized Services
Democratic Design
Frontline Graphics
Iowa Progressive Asset Management
Golner Electric: Electro-Pollution Solutions
MGC Computers
Nancy Morgan 21st Century/Hayes Realty

When you make purchases at either of these web sites, a percentage of your purchase will go to our school. The percentage varies from vendor to vendor. or call 1-877-724-5767


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