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Curriculum Development


Maharishi School acknowledges and upholds the traditional values of
education in the United States while integrating them with
Consciousness-Based education. The academic curriculum is modeled after
the most respected college preparatory schools in the nation, and includes the
study of mathematics, science, language arts and literature, social studies,
physical education, art, drama, and music.


Evaluation and refinement of the educational progams are emphasized in the
development of academic excellence at Maharishi School. Institutional
research is of major importance in curriculum development and evaluation.
Faculty incorporate current knowledge and teaching methodologies through
study, consultations with experts in elementary and secondary education, and
curriculum comparisons with leading schools.


A 1,000-page curriculum in Science of Creative Intelligence for
elementary and secondary levels was developed over a period of four
years, and published in 1990.
A comprehensive, self-sufficient faculty training package was created in
1991 to train new teachers in Consciousness-Based education.
The Science of Creative Intelligence curriculum and Introductory
Faculty Development Course are in wide demand internationally and
are being translated into many languages.
A pioneering curriculum in the Maharishi Vedic Approach to HealthSM
program (natural health care) was developed and implemented at the
School in 1990-1991 and is now available to Maharishi Schools
around the world.
Curriculum and consultation have been provided to educators in 18
countries during the past four years.
The learning environment at Maharishi School is structured to support
and nourish all students regardless of learning style, abilities, and
background. Students are encouraged to actively work with the
knowledge they are gaining, and to share it with others in a variety of

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