Funding Through School Spirit

Want to help the school, but are short on funds?

Have you got a vote? The Maharishi School development office has been working on finding opportunities to let you help the school raise funding without the need for you to dig into your wallet. All that is required is some school spirit, a little mouse clicking, and the satisfaction of knowing you have helped. Bookmark this page, tell your friends and family (they can vote too), and visit regularly!

Lands' End Contest Results

We have done it again! Thanks to all of you for voting in the Lands End Way to Grow sweepstakes, we are the winners of $3,500. We came in 2nd place in overall voting, which awarded $2,500 to the top 5 schools. In addition, the rules stated: One Lands' End Preferred School shall receive $1,000. To our surprise, we were the first place winner as a Preferred School, giving us an additional $1,000. We will use this award to build a vegetable and herb garden within our new Nature Explore Classroom.

Learn more about our past successes with this program.

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