Yagya Performances

Please join us to inspire the most subtle laws of nature to bring light to the darkness through Maharishi Yagya performances. 

You can participate by donating $100 or more to Maharishi School and contribute to the glorious benefits of Maharishi Yagya® performances. The five Maharishi Yagya performances will be based on the incorporation date of Maharishi University of Management. All donations are tax-deductible. At least fifteen percent of your gift goes directly to the performances and eighty-five percent is applied to Maharishi School's Annual Fund.

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What are Yagyas?

Yagya performances have their basis in a 5,000+year-old tradition in the Vedic culture where monks, called pundits, perform a ceremony of chanting to enliven positivity and the support of nature. (If you want to learn more about the science behind sound and the effect of Yagyas, go to NationalYagya.org.

In this refined tradition, the pundits can perform specific Yagyas designed to improve different areas of life. Each spring, we sponsor the pundits in several Yagya performances that are targeted to benefit our school and the greater community. Our annual fundraiser supports this cultural tradition, benefits from these special performances, and raises money for our Annual Fund. At least 85% of the funds raised through this fundraiser go directly to support the School's operating costs.

That's what makes this fundraiser unique...and synergystic: the School and the greater community benefit from the Yagya performances, the pundits receive support to maintain their tradition, the donors enjoy the positive effects of the Yagyas, and the School raises vital funds. 


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