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Admissions Questions 2001

1. Q: Where is Maharishi School located?
    A:  Fairfield, Iowa
2. Q: How many students are in your school?
    A: We currently have 450 students, Pre-school to 12th grade.
3. Q: Are there any entrance requirements to your school?
    A: Maharishi School has an open admission policy. The only requirement is that the   student, and at least one parent practice the Transcendental Meditation Program.
4. Q: What are the tuition fees?
    A:  Tuition varies by grade and there are discounts for families with more than two children enrolled in school. Some financial aid is available.  Click here for more detailed information.
5. Q: Do you have boarding facilities?
    A: We will be accepting boarding students effective August 22, 2002.
6. Q: Are graduates from your school accepted by colleges around the United States?
    A: Maharishi School graduates have been accepted by the best schools in the nation for the last 25 years. Maharishi School is one of  3 college prep schools in Iowa.
7. Q: How do I enroll?
    A: Contact or call (631)472-9400 #5064.


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