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Registration Guidelines 2002-03

Announcing Acceptance of Boarding Students














Registration Guidelines 2002-03


 Important Dates to Remember

Registration  Date 
  Financial Aid Applications Due at FAIR Apri1 5th
  Registration for All Students May 16th
  Late Registration–$300 per Student After May 16th 
  Invoice Sent to Parents June 4th, December 9th
  Tuition Payment Due August 7th, January 8th 
  Late Fee–$100 per Student After August 7th, after January 8th
Tuition Loan Programs  
  Bank Loan Application Due Dates May 16th, July 8th, August 7th

How to Register Your Child
For the School to have an accurate enrollment count, a registration deposit is required for all students. The registration deposit ensures that a space is reserved in the classroom for your child, and that the resources of the School will be most wisely spent for each child’s education.

Boarding Students
Contact the Registrar or phone 641-472-9400, #1157 for more information. Tuition fees appear below.

 Continuing Students
A registration deposit of $300 per student (maximum of $600 per family) is required by May 16, 2002. Please complete the enclosed Registration Form, and send it with payment to Maharishi School. Payment must be received by May 16, 2002 to reserve a space in the classroom for your child. The registration deposit is applicable to tuition, but is non-refundable and non-transferable in the event your child does not enroll.

 New Students
Parents of new students should register in person with the Registrar by May 16th. At that  time, please complete and bring the enclosed Registration Form, along with a payment of $300 per student (maximum of $600 per family). The Director of Admissions may be reached at (641) 472–9400, #5064. In the event that there is not room in the classroom for a student, the registration deposit will be refunded. However, the registration deposit cannot be refunded when parents decline enrollment.

Late Registration
Each continuing student who registers after May 16th, will be charged a $300 late fee (maximum of $600 per family), which is added to the annual tuition fee. Please come to the Administrative Office for late registration. Students with late registration will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, as classroom space permits. New students applying after May 16th will be placed on a waiting list after all application and registration materials and fee have been received. Admission acceptance is at the discretion of the School.

Tuition Fees
Parents of all registered students, both continuing and new students, will be mailed a tuition invoice on June 4th for the 2002–03 academic year. Tuition fees for the 2002–03 academic year are:

 Grade                                Tuition Fees
Preschool: 2-day                     $ 2,150
Preschool: 3-day                       3,170    
Preschool: 4-day                       3,970    
Preschool: 5-day                       4,730    
Kindergarten                             5,390
Grades 1–3                               9,770
Grades 4–6                               9,990    
Grades 7–9                             10,430
Grades 10–12                         10,810 

Boarding Students*
Grades 10-12                          26,310

The semester tuition payment for each student is due prior to the beginning of each semester on August 7, 2002 and January 8, 2003.
* Students are required to learn Transcendental Meditation® technique prior to attending Maharishi School.

 Family Discount: Families with more than two children attending Maharishi School receive a 10% discount on the annual tuition for the additional child(ren). The two oldest students are charged full tuition and the younger student(s) receives a 10% tuition discount.

 Late Payment Fee: A $100 per student late fee is charged for tuition payments received after August 7th and January 8th. Only students whose tuition is paid before the first day of class each semester will be permitted to attend class.

Preschool children
are 2–4 years old by September 15, 2002. Preschool children have the option to attend class 2, 3, 4 or 5 mornings per week.

At Maharishi Preschool, very high standards are maintained for each child’s happiness, comfort, and ability to cooperate in a group. Preschool should be easy and nourishing for the child, and the School reserves the right to decide that a child is not ready to adjust to the program. In this case, the Preschool Director will discuss the situation with the parents, and a pro-rated refund will be given.

Financial Aid
Financial aid is available for children enrolled in grades PS–12. Every family who receives financial aid is expected to fulfill a four-hour School service commitment each month of the academic year.

This year, financial aid applications will be processed by Financial Aid Independent Review, Inc.  (FAIR) and reviewed by the Financial Aid committee of the School. Financial aid is allocated based on completed applications received at FAIR by April 15, 2002. Financial aid forms cannot be processed if incomplete.

To Apply for Financial Aid
Complete the enclosed Financial Aid Application Form and mail along with your 2001 IRS Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ and the processing fee to FAIR, PO Box 484, Rosemount, MN 55068.

A copy of your 2001 federal income tax return must accompany this application before it can be considered.

 All financial aid applications must be submitted by the parent who claims the child as a dependent.

Tuition Loan Programs
Installment loan plans are available from Central Valley Bank, First National Bank, or Iowa State Bank in Fairfield. Loans are available for the yearly tuition amount, with three payment options:

Date of Loan Application                        Number of Payments
  May 10–16                                                       11 or 12
  May 17–July 8                                                  10 or 11  
  July 9–August 8                                                  9 or 10         

Special Option of Including Registration Deposit in Bank Loan: Parents will be able to include the 2002–03 registration deposit in their bank loan if the loan is processed by May 16, 2002. Please call the Student Accounts Office at (641) 472–9400, # 5076 for more details.

The local banks are offering Maharishi School tuition loans at beneficial rates of interest to qualifying borrowers who submit a loan application by the due dates indicated above. Parents applying for loans are encouraged to be careful to make loan payments in accordance with the terms stated in the bank loan agreement.

 To Apply for a Bank Loan
Bring your 2002–03 tuition invoice to the student loan officer at the bank. If the loan is approved, the bank will pay the tuition directly to the School.

 Educational Loan
An alternative payment plan is available through Key Education Resources. Their Achiever Loan offers an eight-year repayment period, low interest rate, no origination or guarantee fees, and the option to use this loan in the future for college expenses. Brochures with details on this program are available from the Student Accounts Office at 472-9400, #5076.

Continuing Students
who have been properly registered and whose tuition has been paid by the due date of August 7, 2002 will be assigned a teacher and classroom. Classroom assignments are posted for grades K–6 in the lobby of the Lower School building and grades 7–12 in Foster Hall prior to the first day of school.

 New Students will be considered enrolled and will receive their class placement after the following steps have been completed:

• All application materials have been completed and returned to the Director of Admissions.

• Registration Form and deposit have been given to the Student  Accounts Office.

• First semester tuition has been paid to the Student Accounts Office.

• All applicants, grades K–12, must practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique (or the Word of WisdomSM technique if they  are younger than 10 years of age.)

• Acceptance for admission has been given by the Director of Admissions.

Word of Wisdom and Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi® Programs
Word of Wisdom and Transcendental Meditation Program
Transcendental Meditation is a fundamental aspect of the education at Maharishi School. Students may receive instruction in the Transcendental Meditation or Word of Wisdom technique at the Transcendental Meditation Program Center located on the Maharishi University of Management campus (641/472-4514) or at the nearest Transcendental Meditation Program Center if they do not live in Fairfield.

The cost of instruction in the Word of Wisdom and Transcendental Meditation program is not included in the annual tuition. Children of parents who are not instructors in the Transcendental Meditation technique are required to pay this instruction fee.

TM-Sidhi Program
Beginning in grade 7, students ages 13–14 are eligible to apply for the Youth Invincibility Course (YIC). There is a one-time course fee in addition to annual tuition. Students age 15 or over are eligible to apply for the Center Invincibility Course (CIC). The fee for CIC is in addition to annual tuition. Students collectively practice these programs twice a day in school as part of their regular daily schedule.

Fundraising Responsibilities
Maharishi School has a fundraising program that requires parental participation. This is to ensure that everyone shares in the fundraising responsibilities needed to operate the School. Every parent is obliged to participate in our School’s fundraising efforts. This includes participation in the Fairfield Bike Fest, Holiday Gift Store, Ideal Shopping Program, Golf Tournament and/or other fundraising drives. This obligation should be met by May 31, 2003. Alternately, parents may pay $500 per student ($100 per Preschool student) to satisfy this obligation. For further information about these fundraising activities, please call the Development Office at 472-0094.

Withdrawal and Refunds
Written requests for refunds, from parents of students in good standing, who withdraw according to School procedures, will be processed as follows:

                      Withdrawal Date                   Tuition Refund
Pre–semester                           100%
                          Within 2 weeks                          80%
                          Within 4 weeks                          60%
                          Within 6 weeks                          40%
                          Within 8 weeks                          20%
                          After 8 weeks                              0%

 Please Note:
      •  Withdrawals must be processed through Maharishi School Office
         of Admissions.

•  Parents who have secured a tuition loan from a local bank are
    responsible for paying any non-refundable portion of tuition directly
    to the bank. Refundable portions will be paid directly to the lending

•  Refunds are generally not given to students not in good standing at
 the time of leaving School.

•  Pre-semester refunds exclude the Registration deposit.

 Parents who have any questions about these guidelines should please contact the Administrative Offices of Maharishi School, at 472–9400.

 Thank you.


Business Office, 804 North Third Street, Fairfield, Iowa 52556 

Tel: (641) 472-9400 Fax: (641) 472-1211


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