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Internet Research

We have some suggestions for searching on the Internet that we wanted to share with students and parents. There are so many possible places to search, and finding just what you are looking for can take a lot of time.

 There are three major types of Internet search tools:

(1)        Directories and indexes.      These are databases with information selected   by information experts.  They are generally the best search tools for Lower School students because even though there will be fewer responses to a search, the responses should all be useful ones.  is a good index for younger students because it gives reading levels for each selection.

(2)        Search engines.     These search a larger database to gather information on a topic.  They are more complex to use (it can be hard to ask the right question) and can give an overwhelming amount of information.  is one of the best ones to use.

(3)        Meta-search engines.     These search a number of search engines at the same time to give even more results, which can be great if you are looking for some very specific information. There is one for students,, which doesn’t have complicated rules for phrasing a search. A student can type a question just like you’d ask a person.

There is more information about the Internet on the Area Education Agency web site (research links for students) which you can connect to on the left side of this page. There are links to more good Internet search tools, and good homework help sites.

The AEA web site also provides two databases (Accunet/AP photo for photographs, maps, graphs and sound recordings, and EBSCO for magazine articles).  A user name and password is required.  Please click on “Magazine Articles Online” for information on these databases if you have never used them before.

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