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Magazine Articles Online

First time users please read!
The state of Iowa is providing access to two databases for all students in Iowa schools.  A database is a collection of information which can be searched on a computer.  We will be publishing the user name and password regularly in the school’s newsletter, and you can also send us an e-mail (Lower School Media Center) or call the library (472-9400, Ext. 5072) during school hours. We would also be happy to answer any questions about using the databases.

Accunet/AP Photo:  (Log in user name/password required, see first paragraph for information)

In this database you can find more than 750,000 Associated Press news photos, plus 500,000 audio clips.  After logging in, you can select User Guides on the left side of the page and do some sample searches to learn how to find photographs, maps and graphs, and excerpts from speeches, etc. Click on “Click here to enter and search the archive” when you are ready to do your own search.

EBSCO:   (Login user name/password required, see first paragraph for information)

EBSCO is a good source for finding information.  After logging in, you will find a number of choices.

If you choose one of the magazine collections (elementary, middle school, and high school) you can search hundreds of magazines for articles related to your keyword.  Some magazines available are “Ranger Rick”, “National Geographic World”, “Biography Today”, “Scholastic News”, “History Today”, “People”, “Popular Science”, and “Time”. Once you select a magazine collection, enter what you are searching for and click the “Search” button. There will be a list of articles to pick from.  If you click on the title of the article, you will get a summary of what the article is about.  If you click on XML Full text you will get the best printable version of the article.  Full Page Image means you can see the article just as it appears in the magazine, including the illustrations. 

 If you choose Searchasaurus you will find the easiest way to do a search.  Click on “tutorial” to see how to use Searchasaurus.

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