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New Books

Here are some favorite new books that students have been enjoying.

Picture Books
The Great Gracie Chase:  Stop that Dog!          By Cynthia Rylant
Gracie the dog finds that her quiet life is disrupted by some noisy painters so she decides to run away.

The Old Woman who Named Things          by Cynthia Rylant
An old woman doesnít want to become too attached to a stray dog that visits her each day.

The Raft     by Jim LeMarche
Nicky is reluctant to spend the summer with his grandmother, but finds adventure with a raft he finds in the river.

Good Night, Good Knight  by Shelley Moore Thomas
A good knight helps three young dragons who canít get to sleep.

The Mouse that Snored  by Bernard Weber
A very quiet family has to learn to get along with a mouse that a snoring problem.

Non-Fiction Books
A Dinosaur named Sue    by Patricia Relf
The story of the tyrannasaurus rex  skeleton now displayed in the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

Welcome to Kirstenís World  by Susan Sinott
From the American Girls series, this book tells all about growing up in pioneer America.

Chapter Books
The Doll People          by Ann Martin
A family of porcelain dolls who has lived in the same doll house for one hundred years is surprised when a new family of plastic dolls moves in.

Rowan of Rin    by Emily Rodda
Even though Rowan is young, he is the only one in the village who can read a magical map directing the villagers up the mountain to restore their water supply

 The Time Bike    by Jane Langton
A sequel to The Diamond in the Window and The Fledgling.  Eddy receives an old-fashioned bike from his uncle in India, and discovers that he can travel through time with it. (Try the original books if you havenít read them yet.)

 Winonaís Pony Cart    by Maud Hart Lovelace
From the author of the Betsy-Tacy series.  Winona makes plans for her birthday party without telling her parents, and she is absolutely certain she will receive a pony as a birthday surprise!

 Taggerung     by Brian Jacques
The most recent book in the Redwall series.

 The Firework Makerís Daughter   by Philip Pullman
In a country far to the east, Chulak and his talking white elephant help Lila to become a master firework maker like her father.

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