Davin Titus, Maharishi School 6th grade student recently had his letter selected to be published in the Random House book, Kids' Letters to President Obama.

Davin’s parents Caterina and Emmanuel are from international background, a blend of French, Indian, American, and Peruvian descent, and have raised their family with the theme of experiencing unity in diversity, and that love is the unifying principle in the world. Here is Davin’s winning letter and poem to President Obama:

Dear President Obama,

Hi my name Davin Titus. I am 11 years old and I live in Fairfield IA.

I was wondering why you wanted to become president of America. I saw
you when you came to Fairfield. I thought that you would be a really
good president. I was wondering what your childhood was like. I like
you because you want to stop the war in Iraq. I also like you because
you want to charge poor people less taxes. I thought that the solar
power and wind powered energy was a good idea. I was so happy when you
got elected. I have written you a poem.
Because you're Best
Because you're Awesome
Because you're Radical
Because you're Amazing
Because you're Cool
Because you're Kind
Because you're Outstanding
Because you're Blazing
Because you're Admirable
Because you're Marvelous
Because you're Astonishing

Good luck                                 
Davin Titus