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Girls State Basketball Tournament


Dear Parents,

Congratulations to our Pioneer Girls Basketball team! ON TO STATE!


This is an historic event for our School. This is the first time that a Maharishi
School basketball team has ever made it to the State Championship level. To
cheer them on and promote school spirit, we would like to take all students
in grades 5-12 to the first game of the State Championships on Monday, March
6th. We have arranged this field trip in the following way:

      Grades 7-12 will travel in buses with teachers. * (see below)

Grades 5/6 will go with teachers in parent cars.

Grades K-4 can go with parents if they would like.

There will be No School on this day for Grades K-4.


Monday will begin as a regular school day, with program beginning at 8:25 am
for grades 7-12, and 9:30 am for grades 5/6. Buses, cars, and vans will leave
from the school at 10:00 am and will return between 7:30 and 8:30 pm.

Permission slips will be sent home within the next two days, containing some
of the following information:

Dress Code: Students are encouraged to wear green to show
school spirit. School uniforms are not required. However, since we will be
representing Maharishi School, students should dress in a dignified way.
Students can wear pants, but please no jeans. Students will not be allowed
on the bus wearing jeans, tank tops, crop tops, midriff or shirts with
logos, other than Maharishi School logo.

Maharishi School State Championship T-shirts will be available for sale for $10. They can be purchased at the ArtWalk Friday night, and on Saturday at
Everybody's from 10-2 pm. They will also be sold at the Pep Rally on Sunday
at the Field House 1:00 - 1:30 pm.

What to Bring: Sack lunch, water, snacks, spending money for dinner.

Cost: $15.00, which includes admission fee and transportation. This needs to be turned into the student's Division Office, with the permission slip, no later than FRIDAY NOON, MARCH 3.

Code of Conduct Meeting: On Thursday of this week, Athletic
Director, Rig Gelfand, along with School Principals will meet with students
to discuss behavior guidelines for the championship games. Students will be
asked to sign an agreement form in advance. Students in grades 7-12 not wishing to attend the game will attend school as usual.

If our team wins Monday afternoon, we will provide supervised buses for
students in grades 10-12 who want to attend the games on Wednesday and
Friday evenings. Permission slips will be required to ride on the bus.
Because the games will be over quite late on these evenings, students in
grades 7-9 wishing to attend should go with their parents. We strongly
discourage students from driving their own vehicles.

Classes will be held as usual Tuesday through Friday of next week.

There will be a Pep Rally on Sunday, 3/5/06, at the Field House at 1:00 pm to send off the team. Please come and support them.

We are so proud of our Pioneer Girls Basketball team and wish them great success! If you have any questions, please call your Division Office.

All the best,

 Maharishi School Council


* Supervising teachers will have a list of students riding on their bus. If a parent decides to take their child home after the game in their own car, they must sign their child out on the supervising teacher's sign out sheet. Thank you.

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