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Parents’ Memo 2006-2007
September 22, 2006

The Parents’ Memo is our Lower School newsletter for the parents of the students.
This Memo comes out each week with the news of the past week as well as future events and items of interest for the parents.

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2006 September 5, Special Memo re child care for Invincible America Course

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“The real basis of defense is invincibility. This element of invincibility is available now for the defense department of every nation with the discovery of the Veda and Vedic Literature in the human physiology, which is the discovery of the total creative potential of Natural Law, the infinite
organizing power of Natural Law, the invincible, evolutionary power of Natural Law available in the process of evolution within everyone, where everything is constantly progressing from the field of pure Creative
Intelligence to the material structure of the physiology.
“It is now possible for every individual to enliven this evolutionary power of Natural Law in his awareness and live invincibility in daily life, radiate invincibility in his environment, and spontaneously provide an invincible armor for the nation.
“When individuals radiate invincibility, the whole national consciousness becomes so strongly integrated that it is invincible. On this ground of invincibility the defense department of any country will have the natural, spontaneous ability to disallow the birth of an enemy, the final target of prevention—the absolute state of freedom.”—Maharishi, “Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Defense”, pages 7& 8.

Dear Parents


On Thursday, September 28th at 10:30 a.m. in the Parlor, the School will host a reception to welcome the parents of our new students to Maharishi School. We warmly invite all parents of children new to Maharishi School to attend. Refreshments will be served.


During the past week, our School has had the pleasure of hosting many distinguished visitors from around the world.

Visiting from Bogota, Columbia was Catholic priest Father Marco Fidel, who will be implementing the Transcendental Meditation program into his school. Father Fidel attended a Lower School assembly in honor of Founder's Day. He also visited several classrooms. The children enjoyed his heartfelt wishes, as well as his warm and loving nature.

On Thursday of this week, the School hosted two visiting elementary school principals from Canada and Seattle, both of whom are Governors of the Age of Enlightenment. They are attending the Invincible America Course and were delighted to learn about Consciousness-Based education through direct experience with our Maharishi School students.

Friday afternoon, Ms. Vigmostad's Intermediate Girls class welcomed Dr. Gil Younger by presenting him with flowers and singing our Maharishi School anthem. Dr. Younger has been a great supporter of Maharishi's movement for many, many years. As a grandparent and great-grandparent, Dr. Younger has a deep love for children, and it was an honor to have him in our School.


The Bike Fest is three weeks away, and the children are making great strides in their fundraising. They are enjoying receiving incentive prizes achieving their fundraising goals.

There is still sufficient time to accomplish more fundraising, and all the children are anticipating this great day. Remember that this is a wonderful opportunity to get a good portion of your fundraising requirements for the year out of the way.

The children all want to reach their classroom field trip goals, so please help them with ideas, phone numbers, and addresses.


The Lower School Computer Lab continues to expand its activities in the development of the School’s Information Literacy Program. Students enjoy the graphic organizational features of "Kidspiration" and "Inspiration" software, which introduces concept mapping and project development.

Projects in all areas of the curriculum integrate technology skills. "Scholastic Keys,” a kid-friendly version of Microsoft Office, provides instructional templates in word processing, spreadsheet, and multi-media. Internet research, keyboarding, PowerPoint, and Microworlds programming will be other areas of focus in the lab.

Carol Jarvis, the computer specialist, has a degree in computer science and years of work experience. She has a son Devon who is a senior at the School and two older children in college.


It has been brought to our attention that more students than ever before are participating in the School’s supervised Lunch Program. This program was created as a convenience for parents who either are working, or are not able to prepare lunch at home on a particular day.

Children are not encouraged to eat at School on a regular daily basis. The following excerpt from the Student and Parent Handbook may serve as a reminder of the School’s lunch policy:

"Home is the basis of children’s education at Maharishi School. Children should be devoted to home, to mother and father, and to their teachers. With love, reverence, and respect the child grows in energy, intelligence, and devotion which provide great security in life and are necessary for the growth of enlightenment.

"The parent’s attention is most important for the child’s growth and evolution. For this reason the School has adopted an extended lunch hour to allow time for students to go home and have lunch with their parents. All parents are encouraged to take full advantage of this valuable time to be with their children."

Currently our lunchtime supervisors are Suzanna and Matt Mullenneaux. They are parents of Caleb, who is in Ms. Balf’s class, and Avery, who is in Ms. Siemsen’s class. Matt and Suzanna are joined at 12:20 pm by Lower School Principal, Tony Hallen. Together Suzanna, Matt and Tony provide a well-structured and well-supervised lunch program, but when the numbers get too high, it can be a challenge.

We want to continue providing the Lunch Program as a service to parents; therefore your cooperation in limiting your child’s attendance and/or in helping to supervise large groups is greatly appreciated.


Thank you, Parents, for providing indoor athletic shoes and Pioneer Athletics shorts and t-shirts for your children’s PE classes. Please help your child to remember to wear or bring their PE uniforms on their PE days. They have been doing very well remembering to wear outdoor athletic shoes on PE days.

If you still need to purchase a PE uniform for your child, you may call Dennis Uniform at 888-496-9911 or order online at www.dennisuniform.com. The School Code is PAE. The Lower School Office also has order forms.


On the last Friday of each month, students are invited to wear their silliest socks and their funniest ties. This has become a fun-filled tradition in the Lower School. We can’t wait to see who is wearing what!

This month, Funny Sock and Tie Day will be Friday, September 29th.


PE Reminder: Please make sure that you write your child’s name in the PE uniform!

• Do you have Language Games and Wooden Puzzles to give away? The Kindergarten and Primary Grade teachers ask that parents think of the younger grades in our School before taking toys to the resale shops. As your children outgrow their puzzles and learning games (especially in the areas of math and language arts), please consider donating these items to the
Lower School. Thank you for thinking of us!

Name/Address/Phone Changes: If you have recently made a change, please inform the Lower School office at 472–9400, x1174, so we have the most up-to-date information.

Lost and Found: Dear Parents, please come into the Lower School office and look through the lost-and-found. We have many items that need to be claimed!

Have a great weekend!

Laura Bordow

Lower School Principal


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