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Parents’ Memo 2006-2007

October 20, 2006

The Parents’ Memo is our Lower School newsletter for the parents of the students.
This Memo comes out each week with the news of the past week as well as future events and items of interest for the parents.

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“The reality of absolute administration is stability in its silent, dynamic structure. It is silent, it is dynamic; it is unity, it is diversity; it is connectedness and at the same time it is disconnectedness; it is unifying at the same time it is diversifying. Holding together opposite values is the
nature of absolute administration.”—Maharishi


Dear Parents


I hope you have all had a great week. As you know, next week on Friday, October 27th, there will be NO SCHOOL. It is the last day of the first quarter and will be used as a teachers’ grading day.


The Bike Fest was a great success. We are so proud of our amazing students. Congratulations to everyone for their individual efforts!

Now it is time to bring in the Bike Fest money. Please contact your sponsors. The children are excited about the parties, but they need to have their Bike Fest money in before the celebrations can begin. If you have any questions, please contact the Development Office at 472-0094.


Our first quarter’s grading period ends next Friday, October 27th. Lower School teachers will begin preparing for parent/teacher conferences to be held all day Friday, November 3rd. To schedule your appointment, please call the Lower School office at 472-9400, ext. 1174, beginning Monday.

Please remember, there will be NO SCHOOL for grades K–6 on Friday, November 3rd. I strongly encourage all parents to attend this sharing session with your child’s teacher. It is an excellent opportunity to gain a better understanding regarding your child’s growth and progress during the past nine weeks of School.

Our art teacher, Ms. Valentine, has been helping all students in grades 1-6 to prepare for the Autumn Art Show. This is an Ar Show especially for parents!

While visiting the School for conferences, you will want to be sure to take time to view these creative works of art outside each classroom. Students have looked through their art portfolios, chosen their own favorite work, and mounted it themselves on bright paper. After conferences, parents will take home the art folders, with remaining art work in them.

DHARMA FUNDRAISER--Sunday Brunch hosted by Christine Goodale

This summer, the Sunday Country Brunch, hosted by Christine Goodale as a Dharma fundraiser was a tremendous success. Diners came in droves every Sunday from as far away as Iowa City to enjoy the unique experience of exquisite, organic, gourmet dishes, freshly prepared with a wide variety of local produce and served outdoors in a lovely country setting.

Even though this wonderful outdoor escape is not possible at this time of year, Christine was inspired to offer these culinary delights during the winter season.

The idea came to Christine on the evening of October 12th as she attended a mandatory Dharma meeting for parents of students who benefit from Dharma. Brenda Narducci explain how in the ten years of its existence, the Dharma Foundation has made steady progress in establishing and growing an endowment fund using ten percent of all donations it receives for the scholarship needs of Maharishi School students.

Brenda explained her plans for the future expansion of Dharma, but also reminded Dharma parents that they need to continue to pursue a variety of fundraising venues to meet the scholarship needs of students each semester. Several new fundraising ideas were discussed.

Christine Goodale, who has four daughters attending Maharishi School, gives great thanks to the generous help of the Dharma Foundation and is compelled to arrange to host a monthly Sunday Brunch to benefit Dharma.

You may treat yourself and your loved ones to a wonderful feast on Sunday, November 5th, encore production Sunday, December 3rd. Food service and entertainment will be provided by Dharma students.

For menu and ticket information, please visit www.dharmafoundation.org.


Please join us in the Maharishi Concert Hall bldg. 151 for  a special evening of Maharishi Gandharva Veda, the melodies of Nature.

Date: Sunday, October 22nd

Time: 8:05 p.m.

Location: Maharishi Concert Hall Bldg. 151

Quality of the Raga: Devotion and Love


Principal: Mr.Binay Krishna Baral, Bamboo flute

Accompaniment: Werner Elmker, Swara mandala;

Sophia Woodward, Tamboura

M.U.M. Student flute recital: Dylan Katz, Soren Pearson and Gaelyn Hutchinson.

Accompaniment: Corey Morrow, Tabla

Maharishi School 9th Grade Girls Student Flute Recital:

Holly Armstrong, Sophia Blitz, Raina Dollive, Satya Griggs, Rose Hoffmann, Phoebe Jones, Gabrielle Lamoureux, Ariana Lisefski, Angela Sickler, Shana Silverman, Gabrielle Hathaway.

Admission: $15 - general

$10 - valid Dome badge

$5 - M.U.M. and Maharishi School

“Just as through group practice of Transcendental Meditation, harmony increases in the environment, when 7000 people practice Transcendental Meditation and its advanced program, Yogic Flying, we have a similar effect on the collective level of consciousness through Gandharva Veda.” — Maharishi


We would like to highlight classroom lessons and activities that incorporate the SCI Principles/Fundamentals or some other aspect of Maharishi Vedic Science for the parents.

As you know, our students learn about SCI, Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health, Sanskrit, Vedic Math and Maharishi Gandharva Veda music as they experience the value of Consciousness-Based education each day. These highlights will provide you with a glimpse into your child’s education.

Mrs. Siemsen Intermediate Boys Class

Mrs. Siemsen’s Intermediate Boys have just finished a study of Maharishi’s Behavioral Rasayanas. First, the class learned what each of the 14 Rasayanas means by discussions and role-playing lessons.

Then they created a class book with illustrated examples of each Rasayana. Finally, they each wrote an example of a Rasayana of their own or family’s experience.The book will be available for parents to enjoy at Parent/Conference time.

HOW TO STAY HEALTHY--Iowa Department of Health Guidelines

We can all help slow the spread of colds and flu this coming season. In the following, you will find an excerpt from the Iowa Department of Health on illness prevention. You may want to go over some of the points with your child.

Any employee, student, teacher or staff suspected of having the flu should not attend school. Wash hands several times a day using soap and water for 15-20 seconds (about as long as singing the ABC’s). Dry hands thoroughly with paper towels or air dryers when available.

Cover nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze and throw the tissue away immediately after use. Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth because germs often spread this way.

Ill students should be excluded from extracurricular activities including sports, choir or any other activities that include close contact, because the flu could be more easily transmitted in these situations.

For more information, go to www.healthinschools.org or www.cdc.gov/germstopper

SCHOOL POLICY--Genetically Engineered Foods

Because from the perspective of Maharishi Vedic Science, as well as from the perspective of some modern scientists, genetically engineered foods can be harmful to health, the School upholds the policy that food brought to School should not contain genetically engineered ingredients.

To avoid genetically engineered ingredients, the general rule is simply to buy only whole, unprocessed, organic foods. If you don’t, you will have to become an avid and highly discriminating label-reader. With Halloween not far away, it’s a challenge, but it can be done!


To raise money for Maharishi School, the 7th grade girls are selling Invincible America t-shirts. These t-shirts are 100% cotton and sell for $15.00 each or 2 for $25.00. They can be purchased outside the Domes this evening and at Everybody’s over the weekend. You may also call the Mahaney’s at 472-8750.


No School: Please remember that per our School calendar, there will be no School on Friday, October 27th.

Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on November 3rd in the morning and afternoon. The Lower School office will begin taking appointments for Parent-Teacher Conferences starting Monday, October 23rd.

Name/Address/Phone Changes: If you have recently made a change, please inform the Lower School office at 472–9400, x1174, so we have the most up-to-date information.

Have a great weekend!

Laura Bordow

Lower School Principal


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