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Parents’ Memo 2007-2008

October 5, 2007

The Parents’ Memo is our Lower School newsletter for the parents of the students.
This Memo comes out each week with the news of the past week as well as future events and items of interest for the parents

2005-2006 Parents' Memo Archive

2006-2007 Parents' Memo Archive

2007-2008 Parents' Memo Archive

“Enlightenment implies the ability to act without making mistakes, to be successful in our undertakings without making problems for ourselves, our community, or our environment. This means that one has the ability to
function without violating the Laws of Nature, to act in such a way that one is always supported by Nature. The mechanics of such action are first to know and contact the home of all the Laws of Nature and second, to own it
permanently in one’s awareness.”—Maharishi


Each week we would like to highlight classroom lessons and activities that incorporate the SCI Principles/Fundamentals or some other aspect of Maharishi Vedic Science for the parents. As you know, our students learn about SCI, Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health, Sanskrit, Vedic Math and Maharishi Gandharva Veda music, as they experience the value of
Consciousness-Based education each day. These highlights will provide you with a glimpse into your child’s education.

Fifth and sixth grade boys are nourished by the sun’s energy
The fifth and sixth grade boys worked with the sun’s energy to make apple crisp! Every two weeks we focus on a fundamental of SCI. We used solar cookers to focus the energy of the sun. Card-board boxes were lined with foil. Apples were peeled, sliced and cored and then sealed in a spray painted black glass jar. We used oven bags for the “greenhouse” effect. One of our cookers registered 140 degrees outside the bag. Throughout the day we
repositioned our cookers so we had just the right angle. Now when we look at the Global Country Flag we can appreciate the sun for cooking our apples, as well as its nourishing effect on life itself.



The attached flyer should be filled out and returned to your child’s teacher, with check payable to Life Touch, no later than Friday, October 12! Please Note: The Memory Book (yearbook) is available by itself for $8.00. It is very popular with the
children even if you don’t care to purchase a package of pictures. (This does not apply to Preschool children.)


Friday, October 12, 2007
Starts at 10:00 a.m.
In front of Maharishi School

The entire Bike Fest will be held on the Maharishi School campus and on the surrounding bike trails during the school day, Friday, October 12. PreK/Kindergarten students will ride bikes, tricycles, or scooters, or walk around a designated area in front of the School. Participation will be optional for our youngest Preschool students. This area will be closed off to traffic for the morning of October 12. First and second grade students will be biking or walking in front of the School. There are a few parents of second grade students who feel their children are capable of biking on the bike trails. If you feel that your child would be happier biking on this longer route you must accompany them,
and call the Development Office at 472-0094 to let us know.
Third and fourth grade students will ride from the School, up B Street, and continue on the bike trails that connect the two reservoirs. They will bike to Pleasant Plain Road, rest, then turn around and ride back. All second, third, and fourth grade students who are going on the bike trails should bring a sack lunch to School that day. They will eat in the Assembly Hall with the lunch program supervisors. Fifth and sixth grade students will bike with their classes along the bike trails all the way to Chautauqua Park. They should bring a sack lunch and water. There will be snacks and water when they reach the reservoir.
It is extremely important that every parent checks the brakes, tires, and seat height, of their child’s bicycle and makes certain their child has a helmet that fits.

We invite everyone, especially the parents, to join the students for this fun-filled event. Please help your child with phone calls, letters and emails asking friends, relatives, and business associates to sponsor your child for the number of
miles they ride. This is a great way to take care of your yearly fundraising and to support the School. Lower School Incentives
1st Place
The student who is the most successful fundraiser wins $150.

2nd Place
The student who is the second most successful fundraiser wins

3rd Place
The student who is the third most successful fundraiser wins

Huge School Trophy
The class that is the most successful fundraiser for our School will win the Bike Fest Trophy and will enjoy a full-day outing.

Class Party
A class average of $150 per student wins the class a cake.
A class average of $250 per student wins the class a half-day outing.
A class average of $500 per student wins the class a full-day outing.


Our classroom music program is taught by Kaeli Ferguson, who holds a B.A. in Music from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Mrs. Ferguson has principally studied voice, but also trumpet and hand bells at the university level. She has sung and played in a variety of ensembles including Chamber choir, University honor choir, hand bell ensemble, and various bands and has worked with children's choirs as well. Mrs. Ferguson is a longtime sidha and is delighted to be teaching at MSAE.
Currently, in the Lower School, we have Kindergarten through sixth grade music classes, as well as a number of choirs: Festival Singers for girls, grades 2-4; Concert Choir for girls, grades 5-6; and Pioneer Boys Choir for boys, grades 2-6.
Mrs. Dorothy Rowe directs the Maharishi School instrumental music program,now in its sixth year. Nearly 25% of the students in the Maharishi school are involved in the instrumental program. There are three orchestras, beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Most of the music that the students perform has been arranged or composed by Mrs. Rowe or her late father, Dr. Donald Crim. She also gives private lessons and teaches the upper school music elective. Mrs. Rowe began formal music training as a child and has played the flute for over three decades. She was the principal flutist for the Fairfield
Symphony Orchestra and has performed on numerous occasions. Mrs. Rowe has worked with the Maharishi School instrumental music program since its inception.


A design contest among the local Fairfield students is being held to create a new public sign for Noah’s Ark Rescue Shelter. All designs must be submitted to Dawn Safrit at Noah’s Ark by 5 pm on November 1. A winning design will be chosen and awarded by November 8. Construction of the sign must be complete by December 15. The design winner must then be willing and able to construct the sign within a $900.00 budget inclusive of all materials and labor, excluding only the structural posts on which it will be hung. The winner of the contest will receive a $100.00 prize and Noah’s Ark will write and submit an article about the contest and the winner to all the local papers.
Design Requirements:
1) The sign is to be approximately 42 inches wide and 32 inches high, within a three-inch variance on either side.
2) The sign must have at least four colors.
3) The sign must be double-sided, with the same appearance
on each side.
4) The sign must include all pertinent information contained within the existing Noah’s Ark Logo, such as phone #, website, andcurrent logo slogan. PO Box and address are to be deleted and not used on the sign.
5) Ideally the sign will be constructed of materials and coatings with an expected ten-year lifespan without major degradation.
There is no limit per school on the number of applicants or teams that may enter the contest. Good luck to you all. The dogs and cats of Noah’s Ark look forward to seeing your creativity. Inspiration is available at www.noahsark.org.


Please join us on Wednesday, October 10, for the first Parent’s Association meeting of the year at 7:30 pm in the Henry Ogden Clark Auditorium. We will present the Parent’s Association and its mission, introduce class representatives, review Parent’s Association projects and have some time for open discussion. All parents are welcome.


My Brain Made Me Do It
We are pleased to announce a special presentation that will be of interest to all parents and faculty. On Wednesday, October 24, at 8:00 pm Dr. Fred Travis will give a presentation entitled:

My Brain Made Me Do It: A Brain-based Guide for Parenting.
It will start promptly and should take about one hour. Dr. Travis will be available afterwards for questions. This is a great opportunity to learn how to support the evolution of our children. Dr. Fred Travis is the Director of the Center for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition and the Chair of Maharishi Vedic Science Department at M.U.M. His presentation will center on how the brain develops at different ages and how we can best facilitate that development on the path to enlightenment.



Please label all items with the student’s name
At this time of year, it is always good to be reminded of the dress code guidelines. The following excerpt is from the Student and Parent Handbook, which should clarify any questions you might have in this area.
“In keeping with the beautiful and important undertaking of the School, it is essential to foster in the students a sense of orderliness and respect for themselves and the School as a whole.
“Personal appearance is one important factor in reflecting the dignity of Consciousness-Based education. Wearing the School uniform cultures a quiet form of discipline and fosters in the student a sense of respect for themselves, each other, and the School as a whole. Students whose appearance does not meet acceptable standards are asked by the teacher to make
immediate improvement. “The School’s dress code policy is that every student must be in full uniform whenever he or she is in School and on campus, including dining facilities, or under the School’s jurisdiction, including all school-sponsored activities, whether on or off the Maharishi University of Management campus, such as: field trips, academic competitions, and School-sponsored social and recreational events. If the student is a spectator in an extracurricular activity, such as a basketball
game, then dress should be modest and appropriate to the occasion.
“Grooming: Please ensure that grooming is always dignified. Thank you for following these guidelines. Boys are required to have their hair in traditional styles and in their natural color. Parents should be advised that if they have any doubt about whether their child’s proposed haircut is traditional, they should check with the School administration before proceeding. Hair should always look natural, clean and well-groomed. It should not be longer than mid-collar, mid-ear or below the eyebrows.
Mustaches, beards, sideburns below mid-ear and earrings are not permitted.


Girls are required to have their hair in traditional styles and in their natural color. Earrings over 1 inch in length or other accessories such as nose rings, etc., are not permitted. Skirt length must cover the knees. The use of makeup is not allowed in the Lower and Middle Schools.”
To maintain a dignified and neat appearance, the following points must also be observed by all Maharishi School students. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
•Shirt tails must be tucked in at all times.
•Ties and bows must be properly adjusted.
•Pant legs must be rolled down, not rolled up.
•Pants must be worn at the waist, not lower.
•Only solid white T-shirts/undershirts are to be worn under the uniform shirt/blouse.
•Uniforms are required to always be clean, properly fitted, and well pressed.
•Hats must be removed in the School.

No Parking PLEASE!!!

This is a reminder for all parents to please park at the far side of the turn-around when escorting your children to or from School. Also, please vacate your parking spot as soon as possible to allow other cars to pull in. Please do not park alongside the curb in front of the School. Other young children are being dropped off and picked up there, and it is dangerous for
them to be in the middle of the road, if there are no spaces available at the curb. Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness!


•Maharishi School Website: Please visit our Maharishi School
Website at www.maharishischooliowa.org. Check out the Parent Memo online with many fun photographs of students’ activities: click on the “News” bar at the top of the page, then find
“Parent Memo”.
•Maharishi School Store: The School Store is located in
the Assembly Hall, and hours are 8:30-9:45 a.m. daily.

Have a great weekend!


Laura Bordow

Lower School Principal


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