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Parents’ Memo 2007-2008

March 28, 2008

The Parents’ Memo is our Lower School newsletter for the parents of the students.
This Memo comes out each week with the news of the past week as well as future events and items of interest for the parent

2005-2006 Parents' Memo Archive

2006-2007 Parents' Memo Archive

2007-2008 Parents' Memo Archive

“In the vicinity of Yogic influence— unifying influence, integrating influence, coherent and harmonious influence—conflicting tendencies do not arise.”
—Yog-Sutra, 2.35.

Dear Parents,

Next week is Spring Vacation, which means that there will be no School from Monday, March 31 through Friday, April 4. I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing week, and that the weather is ideal so all can fully enjoy the spring season. On Friday, during the announcements, the children were reminded to be regular in their twice daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique or the Word of Wisdom technique. They were told that maximum bliss and enjoyment come from that balance of rest and activity.

Sixth Grade Inventions

Alexander Hauptman, 6th grader, described the event:
“The 6th grade boys wrote plays about their inventions. We gave a wonderful presentation about our inventions. The entire school helped us earn enough money to buy a  Weather Station. I thought the play went really well. I would tell the crowd liked it because we got a lot of laughter. I know that my class had a very fun time putting on a show.”

The Assembly began, as always, with selected students being given Special Recognition Awards, which had been nominated by their teachers. Award recipients on March 27 were: Jeremy Marks, Eduardo Malloy and Noah Price from the Primary Boys’ class; Amanda Valentine and Valerie Welch from the Intermediate Girls’ class; Viking Thorsteinsson and Alex Hoffman from the Intermediate Boys’ class; Avery Travis from the Upper Elementary Girls’ class; and Mickey DeAngelis, Surya Sawhney, Mathew Rowe and Vinit Suganur from the Sixth Grade Boys’ class.


We would like to highlight classroom lessons and activities that incorporate the SCI Principles/Fundamentals or some other aspect of Maharishi Vedic Science for the parents. As you know, our students learn about SCI, Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health, Sanskrit, Vedic Math and Maharishi Gandharva Veda music as they experience the value of Consciousness-Based education each day. These highlights will provide you with a glimpse into your child’s education.

PreK/K  Practical Experiments

The PreK/K have been learning about the SCI principle, “ Knowledge is Gained from Inside and Outside.” Using the five senses in a very concrete way, the children experienced the reality that knowledge depends on the knower. This concept was learned through various experiments. For example, the students created kazoos and xylophones, sorted objects by texture, and used microscopes and magnifying glasses. They also had a tasting experiment to discover sour, salty, sweet and bitter tastes. The students enjoyed a guessing game using the sense of smell. The culminating activity used all five senses to experience the fun of popcorn. Through this unit, the students gained firsthand experience that knowledge can be gained through the senses.


This is another reminder that Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Friday, April 18, all day. Preschool and the Lower School grades PreK/K through 6 will be closed all day Friday, April 18, so that parents may meet with teachers. I really encourage all of you to attend the conference with your child’s teacher, as it is an excellent opportunity to review your child’s progress and development over the past several months. You may begin calling the Lower School office right after Spring Vacation to schedule an appointment. I also wanted to remind you to take the time during conferences to view the Spring Art Show which will be on display outside each classroom. The students’ artwork expresses exceptional creativity and is a delight to see. Thank you to art teacher Karen Valentine for inspiring our children to achieve greatness!


At the Destination ImagiNation regional competition on March 15 all teams qualified for the State Competition, to be held on April 5 at Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids. If they win first place at the State Competition then they advance to the Global Competition in May in Knoxville, Tennessee. Good luck to all of our Maharishi School teams at the State Competition. Participating Lower School students include:

4 - 5th Grade Girls

Dia Huggins
Jaya Muehlman
Kadie Roberts
Jacqueline Leete
Anna Unger
Courtney Swanson

4 - 5th Grade Boys

David Wadsworth
Demitri Makeig
Giovanni Cingire

6 - 8th Grade Girls
Avery Travis

5 - 6th Grade Boys
1/2 Technical 1/2 Acting
Avery Mullenneaux
Nathan Haerr
Alexander Hauptman
Michael Corraza
Surya Sawhney
Matthew Rowe
David Fleshman


Friday, April 18, our Spring Fundraiser, "Celebrating Maharishi Yagya Performances," will be held in Henry Ogden Clark Auditorium. This exciting fundraising idea provides an opportunity for everyone in our community to support Maharishi School through the very profound technology of Maharishi's Vedic wisdom. 

On the evening of April 18 our celebration will begin at 6:00 pm, when children and parents are invited to a Carnival, spread throughout the School. Beginning at 6:30 pm, a buffet dinner will be available for purchase, the proceeds from which will benefit our Destination ImagiNation teams. At 7:45 pm, our celebration and entertainment will begin, hosted by Jeffrey Hedquist and our own Elaine Speer. The evening will include performances by our award-winning Speech Competition and Destination ImagiNation teams. Also, we will have a cake/pie-baking contest with prizes for taste and creativity; prizes will be tuition waivers to Maharishi School.

This much-anticipated event is a highlight of the spring fundraiser and we look forward to seeing you there! Please call the Development Office at 472-0094 with any questions.

Lunch Room Policy

We really enjoy having the children eating in our auditorium every day. In order for us to keep the auditorium clean and maintain alevel of happiness and comfort for all, we need to follow these guidelines.

*  Please wear proper dress, including shoes.
*  Keep a settled atmosphere – walking, indoor voices, etc.
*  Children should play outside in the playground with the
*  The stage area is reserved for special occasions only.
*  Children bringing their own food should not take items
    from the food line.
*  Any spills need to be brought to the attention of the
    supervisors immediately.
*  Please leave your area clean after your meal. Plates and
    trays need to be returned to their proper locations.
*  Please supervise your children at all times to keep a settled
    atmosphere in the dining room. 


• 2008-09 Registration Packets have been mailed out. As indicated in the packet, all financial aid applications are due at FAIR no later than April 16. If you have not received your packet, please call the Administrative Office at 472–9400, ext. 5076.

• Spring Vacation Dates: Monday, March 31 through Friday, April 4.
. Do you have a jumper? We have recently added two new girls to Ms. Long’s PreK/Kindergarten class. It is a little late in the school year to be ordering a school uniform, as children grow so much over the summer, but we would like these two girls to be dressed in the plaid uniform jumper just like their classmates. If any of your girls have outgrown their jumper and you would like to pass one along to another student, please contact me. It would be most appreciated by the children and their parents.
• Name/Address/Phone Changes: If you have recently
  made a change, please inform the Lower School office at
  472–9400 so we have the most up-to-date information.

• If You Are Going Out of Town please notify the
  Lower School office by sending in a note prior to your trip.
  Thank you.

Have a great Spring Vacation!

Laura Bordow

Lower School Principal


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