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Parents’ Memo 2007-2008

February 8, 2008

The Parents’ Memo is our Lower School newsletter for the parents of the students.
This Memo comes out each week with the news of the past week as well as future events and items of interest for the parents

2005-2006 Parents' Memo Archive

2006-2007 Parents' Memo Archive

2007-2008 Parents' Memo Archive

"Knowledge always has a purpose. The purpose of knowledge is effective action. The purpose of effective action is achievement; the goal of achievement is fulfillment. So the purpose of knowledge is ultimately the fulfillment of the knower.”—Maharishi


We would like to highlight classroom lessons and activities that incorporate the SCI Principles/Fundamentals or some other aspect of Maharishi Vedic Science for the parents. As you know, our students learn about SCI, Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health, Sanskrit, Vedic Math and Maharishi Gandharva Veda music as they experience the value of Consciousness-Based education each day. These highlights will provide you with a glimpse into your child’s education.

The Intermediate Boys in Ms. Siemsen’s class are studying Maharishi’s Fundamental of Growth - Integration. Along with a 6th grade learning partner they recently created an invention or model of a space object using a bag of “parts” that they integrated into a wholeness. This integration of classes provided a lively SCI lesson. Results are on display in the Lower School Library.


Our dear Dr. Ashley Deans has been in Vlodrop for the past several weeks. Even though his travels have taken him around the world, his heart is always with our students. Below is a message that we received yesterday that he wanted to share with our students. Classroom teachers read this message and spent time honoring Maharishi and the great school he has created for us all. Below is Dr. Deans’ message:

Please tell them that I am thinking of them all, and that Maharishi was so proud of them in every way. He delighted in hearing of their achievements and they all had a very special place in his heart as the pioneering students of His Consciousness-Based education. The enlightened administration through silence that Maharishi has set up to administer Heaven on Earth—Global Raam Raj—under the enlightened leadership of Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, is remarkable in its brilliance, strength, dedication, and organizing power, and as Maharishi said in his last few days, "The future of the world is bright—and that is my delight."

Our 5th/6th grade girls class made a beautiful lei which is now adorning a photo of Maharishi at the Assembly Hall entrance to the School. For the next several days, students are welcome to bring flowers and pay tribute to our beloved Maharishi.


Congratulations to our new students who have recently been instructed in the Transcendental Mediation program. These students include: Vinit Suganur, Sebastian Lacasse,  Giovanni Cingire,  Phoebe Haerr, Anna Theresa Unger, Flower Shreck, Viking Thorsteinsson, Alex Hoffman, Sam Stickels. We look forward to these students adding an even greater wave of bliss and coherence to the Hall of Bliss.


Title:  "Applying Maharishi’s Principles of Teaching to the Art of Parenting: Avoiding the Battles and Working Together with Your Child for a Better World."

M.U.M. Education Professor Dr. Chris Jones and Lower School Director Laura Bordow will lead the meetings. They will offer an interactive format in which parents will be able to learn about principles of teaching that Maharishi has given to the classroom teacher. Through discussion on best parenting practices, we will see how these principles can apply in the home. Meetings will include a video/audio tape of Maharishi, questions/discussion and refreshments.
Dates: Wednesdays at 7:30 pm
               February 13, 20, 27
               March 5, 12, 19
Location: Lower School Library
To register: Please call the Lower School Office at 641-472-9400, ext. 2 or email: lbordow@msae.edu.


If only you could Love Enough!

Next week the sixth grade boys will be selling Valograms. Valograms are pink or red paper adorned with precious lines from Maharishi’s Love poem. There will be a space for your personal message as well. Valograms will be delivered to Maharishi School students or staff all next week. They will be sold for 50 cents or 1 dollar for adult purchases. The money goes to our School Weather Station. The goal is $180!
Look for Valograms to be sold before School next to the central stairway and at lunch outside the auditorium.
Happy Valentine’s Day and “love will conquer all!!”



If you wake up one cold, snowy morning and find either a lot of snow, ice or even severe fog, here is what to do to find out if school is in session:

• Tune your radio to KMCD 1570 AM  or KIIK—95.9 FM on your dial.

• Announcements for weather cancellations will also be placed on the website www.fairfieldiowaradio.com. All Maharishi School closures will be announced as early as possible (usually by 7:00 a.m.).

• Decisions regarding cancellations are not made based on those of the Fairfield Public Schools.

• Please do not call the radio station or the School Office.

For Middle/Upper School students only: If your child attends group program in the Dome, whenever Fairfield Public Schools have a delay, there is an option for students to meditate at home. With respect to Middle and Upper School students who participate in group program in the Hall of Bliss, they should follow instructions broadcast on the radio or web for Maharishi School students.

Please note that at times, in the middle of a school day, it might be necessary to dismiss school early. If the weather becomes severe in the morning, we will not have students return after lunch. When you notice worsening weather conditions, it is very important to stay tuned to the above-mentioned radio stations.

This information will be broadcast as soon as we have reached a decision. Again, please do not call the radio station. If there is time, we will activate all Lower School phone trees.

• Lunchtime policy: According to the Student and Parent Handbook, all students who are not part of our supervised lunch program may return to school no earlier than 12:50 pm. They should proceed directly to their classrooms and begin their silent reading program. Lower School students may not go to the M.U.M. Bookstore unless they are accompanied by an adult. Parents, your cooperation is really needed in this area, as too many students are returning too early from lunch and are unsupervised.



Please remember to organize lunch time and play dates for your child before school. It is best if we don’t interrupt the teaching activities in the classroom, and it is more settling for your child if she or he knows the plans for the day ahead of time. Thank you very much.



• No School Thursday and Friday, February 21 and 22. This will be an opportunity for faculty/staff to participate in an all-school WPA.

• Maharishi School Website: Please visit our Maharishi School Website at www.maharishischooliowa.org. Check out the Parent Memo online; click on the “News” bar at the top of the page, then find “Parent Memo”.

• If You Are Going Out of Town please notify the Lower School office by sending in a note prior to your trip.Thank you.

Have a great weekend!

Laura Bordow

Lower School Principal


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