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Middle and Upper School
Weekly Newsletter
March 10, 2006


“The purpose of man’s life is to gain a state of unlimited energy, intelligence, power, creativity, and bliss .”—Maharishi

Dear Parents,


Congratulations to the Pioneer basketball girls for an outstanding season. They did us proud at the State tournament in Des Moines on Monday. The whole community enjoyed the past few weeks leading up to Monday’s game. This is the first time that a Maharishi School basketball team made it to State. Many Iowa newspapers ran articles on the team. Eleven varsity players will be returning to Maharishi School next year, so the future continues to look bright for the Pioneer girls. The team returned to Des Moines today to participate in a number of events planned by the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union to honor all the participants in the State tournament.


Congratulations to the eight Destination Imagination teams who competed at the Eastern regional competition last Saturday in Cedar Rapids. Seven teams were awarded first place and one team received second place. A Girls Upper School team was given the only special award of the day, a Da Vinci Award for creativity. One more team from Maharishi School will compete at a different regional competition this Saturday, March 11. The winning teams will compete at the State competition in Grinnel on March 27. Any teams who place first at this level will represent Iowa at the Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee in May.


Congratulations to four students from Mrs. Waksman’s Photography I class who placed in the 2006 Texas A&M; University-Commerce National High School Photography Shoot-Out. There were 2,560 prints from 37 schools entered in the competition. Tenth graders Lane Weaver and David Fulcher received second place honors, 12th grader Molly Brooks received a 3rd place honor, and eleventh grader Toby Briggs received an Honorable Mention. (For full story see School News)


Mark your calendars now! Monday, March 20, is the first day of Spring. We will welcome it with the annual Spring Celebration, hosted by Maharishi School students, in the Henry Ogden Clark Auditorium at 8:00 p.m. We will review the achievements of Fairfield, Vedic City, Maharishi University of Management, and Maharishi School, and will honor four outstanding individuals who have contributed to the community in their areas. There will be celebration cake and entertainment for all. More details to follow in next week’s newsletter.


If you ordered garden seeds, they are ready for pick-up in the Lower School office. If you haven’t ordered your seeds yet, it’s not too late.  We have arranged a great sale on organic garden seeds from Seeds of Change. All proceeds go to developing more educational programs in the Maharishi School outdoor learning center‹the greenhouse, orchard and gardens. Normal price for these seed packets is $2.49 plus shipping. We are offering them at the special price of $2.00 with no shipping costs (with an additional discount for faculty and staff).

To order, visit http://www.maharishischooliowa.org/activities/greenhouse.html, print out the form, attach cash or a check to Maharishi School, and return by Friday, March 31 to the school office, or mail to Diana Krystofiak, 2331 Seven Hills Rd.  Seeds will be delivered to the Lower School office. Questions? Call Diana at 919-3645. Printing out the form requires Adobe Reader—if you cannot print the form, please call Diana and she will send a form to you.


The third quarter ends in two weeks, on Friday, March 24. The fourth quarter begins on Monday, March 27. We want to remind you that the Upper School Parents’ Night, originally scheduled for Wednesday, April 12, has been changed to Thursday, March 30, at 7:45 p.m., in the Henry Ogden Clark Auditorium. Middle School parent conferences remain as scheduled after Spring break, on Friday, April 14. Grade cards will be given out at these times.

Best wishes,

Laurie Baumann and Alan Colby


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