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Middle and Upper School
Weekly Newsletter
April 21, 2006


     “Ved is the reality of the Unified Field, where consciousness is in its self-referral state. In that self-referral state of consciousness, different activities come out as a result of the self-interaction of pure consciousness.”—Maharishi

Dear Parents,


Several weeks ago, all administration, faculty, staff and parents at Maharishi School completed a 115-page Self Study, consisting of 25 report areas. This Self Study report, along with several other items, was sent to all visiting team members, so they had knowledge of our School prior to their arrival.

Sunday afternoon, when the committee arrived, a welcome reception was held at School, which all school personnel attended. Following the reception, the team had dinner at a School Board member's home.

On Monday and Tuesday, team members will visit every classroom and spend time talking to every School employee. They will have separate meetings with the School Board and the Parents Association.

Throughout the accreditation visit, the School will be closely monitored for its adherence to two fundamental standards: full and accurate DISCLOSURE of its mission, philosophy, programs, etc., and CONGRUENCE between the stated mission and its actual program and services.

     At the end of the visit, the visiting team will write a report, based upon findings from the visitation and a comparison of these with the Self-Study.


The boys’ tennis team continues to be undefeated in match play. They had a significant 6-3 win over Columbus Waterloo and a 9-0 victory over Fairfield High School this week. They will be playing at the Pella tournament on Saturday.

The girls’ tennis team had an 8-1 victory over Burlington Notre Dame this week. Although they lost to the defending state champion, Columbus Waterloo, Avery Gibson won a convincing match against their #1 singles player, who is arguably the top girl’s tennis player in the state.

The boys’ golf team won two matches last week. In the match against Central Lee, Danny Steinberg had a 1 under par 35. This is only the 9th time in Pioneer golf history that a player has shot under par in a match.

     Both the boys’ and girls’ track teams had meets this past week, with some excellent results.  Highlights included Lanie Goldstein winning the 200 meter run, and Justin Rocca losing by only 1/100th of a second to the second-best sprinter in the state in the 100 meter run.

     The 7th and 8th grade girls have had 2 tennis meets in Cedar Rapids with singles victories by Holly Armstrong, Sophia Blitz, and Kenzie Wacknov.


Best Wishes,

Laurie Baumann and Alan Colby


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