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Middle and Upper School
Weekly Newsletter
September 29, 2006

The Weekly Newsletter is our Middle and Upper School newsletter for parents of the students. This Newsletter comes out each week with the news of the past week as well as future events and items of interest for the parents.

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“The bliss consciousness of absolute Being and the relative joys of the variety of creation should be lived hand in hand. This means the fulfillment of life in cosmic consciousness.” ~Maharishi, Mahesh Yogi, The Science of Being and Art of Living

Dear Parents,


Congratulations to seniors Angela Folz, Noah Caplan, and Owen Stowe who are semifinalists in the 2007 National Merit Scholarship competition. Congratulations also go to Atish Dey and Mehul Kar, who are Commended Students in the competition.

More than 1.4 million juniors from across the United States entered the 2007 National Merit competition by taking the Preliminary SAT (PSAT) last year. Approximately 16,000 students qualified as semifinalists and another 34,000 as designated Commended Students. The semifinalists will have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some 8,200 Merit Scholarship awards, worth a total of $33 million, that will be offered next spring.

It is a great achievement for a school to have just one National Merit semifinalist or Commended Student in any year. We are extremely proud to have three semifinalists and two Commended Students this year.

All juniors at Maharishi School will be taking this year’s PSAT on Wednesday, October 18.


There will be a meeting for parents of seniors on Wednesday evening, October 11, in the Henry Ogden Clark Auditorium. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the senior trip and related fundraising. The meeting will start promptly at 8:00 p.m., so please arrive a few minutes early.


If you have ever called or visited the main administrative office at Maharishi School, you will have met Jan Koelblinger, the School’s wonderfully efficient receptionist.

Jan is semi-retiring from this position in order to spend more time with her family. We are happy that she will still be at school some afternoons, and we extend a warm welcome to Lakshmi Simmons, who is taking Jan’s place.

Lakshmi is a graduate student at M.U.M. from Barbados. She will be working in the Lower School office half days, and in the Administrative office half days.


Nine Maharishi School students are on the CIC that started last weekend, and many more students are hoping to attend the next two courses. To fulfill Maharishi’s desire to get many more Sidhas in the Domes, flying blocks will be held in October, November, and December.

If you need any information on residence courses or dates of CIC meetings, please call the Maharishi Enlightenment Center at 472-1174.


The Upper School boys’ fall camping fundraiser is next week (Wednesday, October 4 – Saturday, October 7), and the girls’ bike-a-thon on October 13 is rapidly approaching. Please remember how important these much-needed funds are for the School, and help your child make calls or send out e-mails to prospective sponsors if they haven’t already done so.


The cold and flu season seems to be upon us. If your child is sneezing and/or coughing frequently, he/she may be contagious and should stay home.

Another important point is hand washing. One of the best and easiest ways to prevent the spread of illness is through regular hand washing. Please remind your child of this.


The boys’ Varsity soccer team had two sweet victories over Cono Christian and Scattergood last week. Their next home game is this Saturday, September 30, at 4:30 p.m. at the Bobby Warren Field, again vs. Cono Christian.

We have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of girls’ volleyball in the coming days. There will be five home games in the next two weeks. Washington School will be playing here for the first time on Monday, October 2, at 5:30 p.m.


Last week we told you about www.Schoolpop.com, a website that generates a donation to Maharishi School if you access your on-line shopping through it. We also want to point out that www.iGive.com does the same thing. This website has more than 650 stores listed, including Lands’ End, Barnes & Noble, Expedia, and eBay. iGive is currently offering an additional incentive. For a limited time the School will receive an additional $5 for every new member who joins iGive and makes a purchase through it.


Best Wishes,

Laurie Baumann and Alan Colby
Girls School and Boys School Principals




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