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Middle and Upper School
Weekly Newsletter
October 13, 2006

The Weekly Newsletter is our Middle and Upper School newsletter for parents of the students. This Newsletter comes out each week with the news of the past week as well as future events and items of interest for the parents.

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September 5, 2006, special newsletter about child care for Invincible America Course.

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“Enlightenment implies the ability to act without making mistakes, to be successful in our undertakings without making problems for ourselves, our community, our environment. This means that one has the ability to function without violating the Laws of Nature, to act in such a way that one is always supported by Nature. The mechanics of such action are, first, to know and contact the home of all the Laws of Nature and second, to own it permanently in one’s awareness.” ~Maharishi

Dear Parents,


The entire Boys School enjoyed a fun four-day camping trip last week. The boys canoed and biked along the Root river in Forrestville, Minnesota. They also explored Mystery Caves and enjoyed visiting historic Forrestville, where they were entertained by actors re-enacting life in the 1800s.


Please help your children follow up with their Bike-A Thon/camping trip sponsors, so that all pledged money can be realized. The School relies on the much-needed funds generated by these events.


Students in grades 10–12 will have an elective class 2nd quarter. In the next day or two, parents will be receiving the list of elective choices by mail. Please go through the choices with your child, and help him/her make a selection.

Elective sign-up sheets can be turned in to the Boys School and Girls School offices on Thursday, October 19, at 12:45 p.m.


On Wednesday morning, October 18, the Juniors will be taking the PSAT (Preliminary SAT and National Merit Qualifying Exam). We encourage Juniors to be well rested that day. All 11th grade students, Meditators and Sidhas, should plan on being a few minutes early to class, since the test will begin at 9:25 a.m. 


Picture Day is this Tuesday, October 17 (not October 18, as stated in the school calendar). Students have been given Lifetouch order forms. They should bring their order form and money to school on Tuesday.


If your child is applying for CIC, he/she needs to attend a residence course as part of the course. The last residence course before the November CIC will be October 27–29. Apply by e-mailing tmcenter@gmail.com and calling Maharishi School’s Department of Consciousness at 472-9400 ext. 5066.

Seven Maharishi School students are currently on the flying block. We look forward to them joining us in the Domes on October 23.

Many Maharishi School students are applying for the next two CIC courses that will be starting on October 26 and November 30. 

There will be a CIC Introductory lecture this Saturday, October 21, at 1:00 p.m. in the Dreier Building.


As the weather turns cooler, please ensure that your child has a school sweater, so that he/she will be warm enough in class. Uniform sweaters are the only items that students may wear over their shirts/blouses for extra warmth in the classroom.

Alternatively, they may wear a plain white tee shirt underneath. Long-sleeved tee shirts should only be worn under long-sleeved shirts or blouses.

Uniform sweaters are available from Dennis Uniform (888-496-9911).


Good luck to the varsity girls volleyball team, who play the first round of the district tournament on Monday, October 16, at 7p.m. at Holy Trinity in Fort Madison. Holy Trinity is the top ranked team in the state, so it should be some good competition for the Pioneers.


If it is questionable whether school will be cancelled due to bad weather, please check either online or by listening to the radio. School closings are listed on www.radiovillage.com and are announced at regular intervals on KMCD 1570 AM and on KIIK 95.9 FM. Please, do not call the radio station.


Best Wishes,

Laurie Baumann and Alan Colby

Girls School and Boys School Principals




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