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Middle and Upper School
Weekly Newsletter
March 21, 2008

The Weekly Newsletter is our Middle and Upper School newsletter for parents of the students. This Newsletter comes out each week with the news of the past week as well as future events and items of interest for the parents.

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2007-2008 Weekly Newsletter archive


“The strength of love makes one tender and firm, makes one weak in wrong and powerful in right, brings forgiveness in authority and grace in all fields of life.”—Maharishi, from Love and God

Dear Parents,


Dates to Remember:
Wednesday, March 26            Photography II and III Show 2008
Friday, March 28                        Last day of Quarter
March 31-April 4                      Spring Vacation – NO SCHOOL
Wednesday, April 16           Upper School Parents’ Night
Friday, April 18           Middle School Parent/Teacher Conferences
Friday, April 18                   Spring Fundraiser celebration



The seniors have been invited to Vlodrop for their senior trip on April 8. Since the invitation came rather late, both girls and boys classes are scrambling to fundraise.

If anyone is interested in helping in any way, please call the School or make checks payable to the School for the benefit of the senior trip. Thank you!


Wednesday, April 16, 7:45 p.m.

The Upper School Parents are invited to meet the 4th quarter teachers and enjoy a taste of their child’s school day. The evening begins in the Henry Ogden Clark Auditorium where general points that apply to the particular level of the School are covered. Then parents go from classroom to classroom, following the students’ schedule. Each teacher briefly explains the curriculum and his/her expectations for that class.

Please note that grade cards will not be mailed out this quarter, so please come and pick up your child's grade card that day. 


Friday, April 18

Middle School conferences for parents of both boys and girls are by appointment. Beginning on Monday, April 14, you may call the Girls School office (472-9400 ext. 3) to schedule your appointments. The conferences will be with the 3rd Quarter teachers.

Grade cards will not be mailed out this quarter, so please come and pick up your child's grade card in the Girls School that day.

CIC #64 – David Lynch Foundation Scholarships Available

The David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace has announced that it will be providing significant scholarship support for Maharishi University of Management and Maharishi School students wishing to become Sidhas. The cost will now be just $500 plus the residential fee.
For further details: E-mail tmcenter@gmail.com or call 641-472-1174 or 919-8188.

April 24–May 11, 2008

In-Residence Flying Block:
July 5–19, 2008


Wednesday, March 26

Room 119, Foster Hall
1:00-2:00 Boys Photography II-III class-2008
2:00-3:00 Girls Photography II class-2008


Win a tuition waiver to Maharishi School!

Anyone who sells ten shares for the Maharishi Yagya performances will be able to place one entry in the cake/pie baking competition and compete for tuition waiver prizes. This tuition waiver can only be used for one student and must be used within the 2008–09 school year. These tuition waivers are not transferable. There are two categories and an overall Best in Show prize.

Entrants have the option to bake the cake/pie themselves or have someone else create it for them. Cakes/pies can be made by friends or family, but not professionals. Cakes and pies must be made with organic materials and without eggs. All entries must be 100% edible.

Everyone who enters will win at least a $200 tuition waiver for the 2008–09 school year.



Nine groups from Maharishi School competed at Destination ImagiNation Regionals in Cedar Rapids this past weekend. Six came away with 1st prize, and all of the teams will be advancing to State Competition, which is April 5 in Ames.


Four students from Maharishi School competed in the Senior Division the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair on March 15 and they came away with five prizes.


First place:
Matt Fleshman & Joseph Gelfand, for their project on “Water Filtration”

Second place:
Raph Burne, for his project on “Sound Insulation”

Honorable Mention:
Atreya Dey, for his project on “De-Icers.”


Both Raph Burne and Atreya Dey also won the Alan B. Adams Meritorious Achievement award.

All the district winners will be competing at the state level on March 28 and 29.


The entire 7th grade class competed against 12 other schools at the History Day District on Tuesday, March 18. The competition was held at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center for the very first time. Teacher, Marie Loiselle and parent Donna Nelson accompanied them, with many other parents attending for parts of the day. Judges representing our district were John Huff and Gary Gagnon. Six of our 7th graders were chosen to compete at the State competition in Des Moines on April 28.


District winners, their projects and categories are:
Individual Documentary: Olin Knight, "Conflict Over the Destruction of Smallpox"

Group Documentary: Chosie Titus and Rachel Hathaway, "Conflict and Compromise Over the Rightful Place of Wolves”
Megan Comey and Grace Fernyhough, "The Amistad - Conflicts and Compromises Over the Fight for Freedom"


We had a beautiful and successful Spring Celebration. Maharishi School Critics Choice award recipient, David Boyle, gave a mesmerizing performance of his mime, “Joy of Skiing.” Congratulations again to the Maharishi Award recipients: Dr. and Mrs. Tiwari – Ministry of Development of Consciousness; Ritzanna Seaton – Health and Immortality; Bill Teeple – Celebrations and Fulfillment; and the Argiro Student Center Design & Construction Team –  Capitals for the Age of Enlightenment.
Thanks to everyone who lent a hand and who purchased the spring bulbs to decorate the auditorium.



Best wishes,
Laurie Baumann, Girls School Principal
Alan Colby, Boys School Principal

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