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Middle and Upper School
Weekly Newsletter
April 11, 2008

The Weekly Newsletter is our Middle and Upper School newsletter for parents of the students. This Newsletter comes out each week with the news of the past week as well as future events and items of interest for the parents.

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“The self-referral state of consciousness is that one element in nature on the ground of which the infinite variety of creation is continuously emerging, growing, and dissolving.” — Maharishi

Dear Parents,

Dates to Remember:
Wednesday, April 16            Upper School Parents’ Night
Friday, April 18                 Middle School Parent/Teacher Conferences
Friday, April 18                 Spring Fundraiser Celebration
April 14 – ­17 (Mon. – Thurs.)   ITBS – Testing for Grades 7 & 8
April 15 – 17 (Tues. – Thurs.)  ITED – Testing for Grades 9–11
April 23 – 25 (Wed. – Fri.)       ITED – Testing for Grade 12


Wednesday, April 16, 7:45 p.m.

The Upper School Parents are invited to meet the 4th quarter teachers and enjoy a taste of their child’s school day. The evening begins in Henry Ogden Clark Auditorium where general points that apply to the particular level of the School are covered. Then parents go from classroom to classroom, following the students’ schedule. Each teacher briefly explains the curriculum and his/her expectations for that class.

Please note that grade cards will not be mailed out this quarter, so please come and pick up your child's grade card that day.



Friday, April 18
*To be held in the Girls School classrooms (for parents of both boys and girls)
Report to the Girls School Office on that day.

Middle School conferences for parents of both boys and girls are by appointment and will take place in the Girls School classrooms. Beginning on Monday, April 14, you may call the Girls School office (472-9400 ext. 3) to schedule your appointments. The conferences will be with the 3rd Quarter teachers.

Grade cards will not be mailed out this quarter, so please come and pick up your child's grade card in the Girls School that day.


CIC #64 – David Lynch Foundation Scholarships Available

The David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace has announced that it will be providing significant scholarship support for Maharishi University of Management and Maharishi School students wishing to become Sidhas. The cost will now be just $500 plus the residential fee.
For further details: E-mail tmcenter@gmail.com or call 641-472-1174 or 919-8188.

April 24–May 11, 2008

In-Residence Flying Block:
July 5–19, 2008



Win a Tuition Waiver to Maharishi School!

Anyone who sells ten shares for the Maharishi Yagya performances will be able to place one entry in the cake/pie baking competition and compete for tuition waiver prizes. This tuition waiver can only be used for one student and must be used within the 2008–09 school year. These tuition waivers are not transferable. There are two categories and an overall Best in Show prize.

Entrants have the option to bake the cake/pie themselves or have someone else create it for them. Cakes/pies can be made by friends or family, but not professionals. Cakes and pies must be made with organic materials and without eggs. All entries must be 100% edible.

Everyone who enters will win at least a $200 tuition waiver for the 2008–09 school year.


Congratulations Destination ImagiNation Teams

Two Senior level boys teams won 1st place at State. They will go on to compete at Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee, May 20–25.
• Hit or Myth (1/2 acting 1⁄2 technical): Tye Huggins, Jordan Stakland, Yale Shaw, Jurgen Schoner,  Ryan Stakland. This team also got a special award, “The Spirit of DI Award,” for being outstanding role models for the younger kids in the Destination ImagiNation program.

• Obstacles of Course (technical): Jay Stewart, Phil Carter, Eric Caplan, Dominic Borg, Toby Walker


Three Teams came in 2nd place:
• DI’ve Got a Secret (acting, senior level):  Yelana Loiselle, Ellora Hans-Price, Emily Wofford, Minca Borg, Paavani Kar, Auriel Jones, Joella Travis

• Chorific (improv, senior level): Coco Clark, Penelope Makeig, Pandy Wadsworth, Tahra Wilkins, Jhana Valentine

• Chorific (improv elementary level): Giovani Cingire, Demitri Makeig, David Wadsworth


Two teams came in 5th place:
• Hit or Myth (1⁄2 acting 1⁄2 technical, middle level) Avery Mullenneaux, Nathan Haerr, Alexander Hauptman, Michael Corazza, Matthew Rowe, Surya Sawhney, David Fleshman

• Obstacles of Course (technical, elementary level) Dia Huggins, Jacqueline Leete, Kadie Roberts, Jaya Muhelman,
Courtney Swanson, Ana Unger.  This team also got a special award, “The Spirit of DI Award” for not giving up in the face of adversity.


One team came in 6th place:
• DI’ve Got a Secret (acting, middle level)  Phoebe Carter, Minna Mohammadi, Pearl Sawhney, Avery Travis, Leanna Miller


One team came in 7th place:
• Chorific (improv, middle level) Dillon Evertson, Toby James, James Francis

All the teams did a great job!


Maharishi Upper School Students Win 13 Art and Photography Awards at 2008 Superconference Art Show

Maharishi Upper School students came away with 13 Art and Photography awards, out of 15 entered, at the 2008 Southeast Iowa Superconference Art Show in Mt. Pleasant. Five of the awards were 1st places. The conference was held on April 8 at Iowa Wesleyan College. The students entered their work into the contest, and then participated in workshops taught by professionals in their fields. It is a great opportunity for the students to learn new skills by participating in the workshops and to show their work by entering the contest. Congratulations to all! The Maharishi Upper School Photography teacher is Mrs. Carolyn L. Waksman and the Maharishi Middle and Upper School Art teacher is Mr. Greg Thatcher. The winners are:


1st Place-Camille Morehead, Grade 12, “Plastic Mask”
2nd Place-Benji Jones, Grade 12, “Painted Girl”
3rd Place- Dominic Rabalais, Grade 12, “Untitled”
Honorable Mention-Mollie Cutler, Grade 11, “Mask”
Honorable Mention-Mira Moore, Grade 11, “Emily”


Judges Category:
1st Place Photography (Multiple Image)-Ellora Hans-Price, Grade 12, “Sheila”


Computer Generated:
1st Place- Sophia Blitz, Grade 10, “Dancer”
2nd Place Sam Arsanjani, Grade 9, “Untitled”


1st Place- Sam Johnson, Grade 12, “Untitled”
2nd Place- Gabrielle Hathaway, Grade 10, “Untitled”


Achromatic Drawing:
Honorable Mention-Kenzie Wacknov, Grade 10, “Two-Faced”


Mixed Media:
1st Place-Gabrielle Lamoureux, Grade 10, “Tree”
3rd Place-Dominic Rabalais, Grade 12, “Untitled”



Best wishes,
Laurie Baumann, Girls School Principal
Alan Colby, Boys School Principal

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