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Photography Awards 2006-7

Maharishi Upper School Students Win Five National Photography Awards

Maharishi Upper School photography students came away with five national awards at the 2006 Association of Texas Photography Teachers (ATPI) Fall Photography Contest.  The contest took place on November 4, 2006 in Arlington, Texas. Judging lasted over seven hours as they viewed over 2,800 prints from 51 schools.

“Entering this contest is such a great opportunity for the high school students to show their work. It also nourishes and educates photography students in learning about the field.” said Carolyn L. Waksman, Maharishi Upper School Photography teacher.

The Maharishi Upper School winners are:

2nd Place: TOBY BRIGGS, Grade 12, “Squirrel”--Advanced B/W Landscape/Nature.

Honorable Mention: LANE WEAVER, Grade 11, “I Make Up Stuff”--Advanced B/W Portrait.

(B/W photograph was developed and printed by student)

First Honorable Mention: NATHANIEL ALEXANDER, Grade 11 “ Jump”--Advanced B/W Sports/Action.

 (B/W photograph was developed and printed by the student)

2nd Place: MOLLIE CUTLER, Grade 10, "Girl" --Beginning Color

3rd Place: ALI SWIGART, Grade 12,  “Skateboard and Shadow”--Beginning Color Sports/Action.

Honorable Mention: DEENA THIEL, Grade 10, “Blue Hair and Mirror”--Beginning Color Portrait.

Congratulations to all! See Photos

Maharishi School Wins Six International Photography Awards 2007

The Maharishi Middle and Upper School photography students have been honored with 6 international awards this year in the 2007 PIEA (Photo Imaging Education Association) International Photography Competition. The PIEA is a world- wide organization and a division of the PMAI (Photo Marketing Association International) that helps photography teachers educate and exhibit student work. The competition has become one of the largest photography competitions in the world. This year there has been another record set for entries. The judges chose 122 images from 99 entrants out of 6,493 images entered by 1,504 entrants from 121 schools in 9 countries!

Students and teacher winners come from middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities in Australia, Canada, China, England, Guatemala, Honduras, India, South Africa, and the U.S.A. Award winners and exhibitors share in the over US $111,000 in valuable prizes sponsored by 96 generous PMA member companies and organizations from 4 countries. Prizes include film, digital cameras, film cameras, memory cards, printers, tripods, scholarships, printing paper and more.
Entrants compete in nine categories by age group. Each category awards Grand, First, Second, Third, Honorable Mention and Exhibitor Awards.

The 2007 award winners for the Maharishi School are as follows:

Upper School: teacher- Mrs. Carolyn L. Waksman
Category: Grades 10, 11, 12  Single Image (1,793 images entered in this category)
Exhibitor Award: TYE HUGGINS, Grade 10, “Sari” -- Color Photograph

Exhibitor Award: MOLLIE CUTLER, Grade 10, “Shadow board”-- Color Photograph

Middle School: teacher- Mr. Greg Thatcher
Category: Grades 9 and under (205 images entered in this category)
Grand Prize Award: DEREK THATCHER, Grade 8, “Face in Leaves” -- Color Photograph

3rd Place Award: JHANA VALENTINE, Grade 8, “Reflection” -- Color Photograph

Honorable Mention: TAHRA WILKINS, Grade 8, “Box Car” -- Color Photograph

Honorable Mention: JAY STEWART, Grade 9, “Face In Stream” -- Color Photograph

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Nine Maharishi School Students Win National Photography Contest

Maharishi Upper School photography students received nine national awards from the Texas A&M University-Commerce Third Floor High School Shoot-Out, held in February in Austin, Texas. There were 2,356 prints entered from 29 high schools nationwide. Carolyn Waksman is the Maharishi Upper School Photography teacher.

The winning students are:

1st Place: BENJI JONES, Grade 11, "Looking at You" -- Color Photograph

3rd Place: DEENA THIEL, Grade 10, "Blue Hair and Mirror" -- Color Photograph

Honorable Mention: MICHAEL DEARBORN, Grade 11, "Face Through Glass" -- Color Photograph

Honorable Mention: DELANEY NARDUCCI, Grade 12, "Girl with Red Heels" -- Color Photograph

Honorable Mention: BENJI JONES, Grade 11, "Girl with Colored Clothing" -- Color Photograph

Honorable Mention: IKE WINKLER, Grade 12, "Swirling Flowers" -- Color Photograph

Honorable Mention: TOBY BRIGGS, Grade 12, "Ice Cream Drip" -- Color Photograph

Honorable Mention: BENJI JONES, Grade 11, "Portrait of Sheila" -- B/W Photograph

Honorable Mention: SHEILA HIGGINS, Grade 11, "Pump Room Door" -- B/W Photograph

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Maharishi Upper School Students Win 9 Art and Photography Awards at 2007 Superconference

Maharishi Upper School students came away with 9 Art and Photography awards at the 2007 Southeast Iowa Superconference Art Show in Mt. Pleasant. Five of the awards were in 1st place plus “Best of Show”. The conference was held on March 27th at the Iowa Wesleyan College. The students entered their work into the contest, and then participated in workshops taught by professional Art teachers. The rest of the day was spent at the University of Iowa Art Museum to view their current exhibit, master oil paintings and permanent works of African Art. Carolyn Waksman is the Maharishi Upper School Photography teacher and Greg Thatcher is the Middle and Upper School Art teacher. All the students had a great trip and came away with these awards:

The winners are:

Best of Show: MOLLIE CUTLER, Grade 10, -- Painting

1st Place: DEENA THIEL, Grade 10, -- Photography

3rd Place: NATHANIEL ALEXANDER, Grade 11, -- Photography

Honorable Mention: LAURA TARNOFF, Grade 12, -- Photography

1st Place: MARIA AALTO, Grade 10, -- Drawing

1st Place: MIRA MOORE, Grade 10, -- Print Making

3rd Place: CHRIS GOMES, Grade 10, -- Print Making

1st Place: MOLLIE CUTLER, Grade 10-- Painting

1st place: PETER ARNOLD, Grade 10-- Computer Generated

“The high quality of work in this exhibit reflects the great job our Art educators are doing in this region,” says the judge. He went on to say, “I based my criteria on the overall impact of a work, originality and its execution. In addtion, I gave special consideration to content based works, skillful handling of materials, and thoughtfulness of the presentation.”

These awards and more with all of the student work for the year will be  in the Maharishi Middle and Upper School Art and Photography Show for the May ArtWalk. The Show will be at the Central Park Furnishing and Futon Shop  on the square.

Congratulations to everyone! See Photos