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Maharishi School Wins Five International Photography Awards

Maharishi Middle and Upper School photography students have been honored with five international awards this year in the 2006 PIEA (Photo Imaging Educational Association) International Photography Competition. The PIEA is a world wide organization and a division of the PMA (Photo Marketing Association) that helps photography teachers teach, educate, and exhibit student and faculty work. The competition is one of the largest photography competitions in the world. This year there was a record total of 5,915 images entered by 1330 entrants from 101 school world wide.

Maharishi Upper School awards were in Grades 10-12 single image category. In this category there were 1,261 prints entered. The Upper School won 2 awards. The winners are:

2nd Place: Anjali Krystofiak grade 11, “Bubble Lips”
Honorable Mention: Camille Morehead grade 10, “Ice Cream Party”

Mrs. Carolyn L. Waksman, B.A., is the Maharishi Upper School photography teacher.

The Maharishi Middle School Awards were in the category Grade 9 and under. In this category there were 170 prints entered. The Middle School won 3 awards. The winners are:

1st Place: Sophia Blitz, grade 8, “Phoebe”
3rd Place: Holly Armstrong, grade 8, “Shadow”
Honorable Mention: Satya Griggs, grade 8, “Looking at you”

The Maharishi Middle School art and photography teacher is Mr. Greg Thatcher, M.F.A.

The competition took place at Daytona Beach Community College in Florida early January.
The three judges residing over the competition have worked and seen photographs from around the world. They are known to have an “international perspective.”

In addition, all of the winning students will receive prizes. The competition had 93 sponsors from six countries sponsoring over $110,000 worth of prizes.

Lastly, The Maharishi School winning photographs will also be a part of the PIEA International Traveling Exhibit. The exhibit, consisting of the 112 winning images from the competition, will travel in two venues around the world for three years going to museums, high schools, universities, and conventions. It will be seen by over 700,000 people. The exhibit will come to Fairfield for the March Art Walk in 2007. Maharishi School sponsors the Fairfield venue.

The traveling exhibit begins at the 2006 PMA (Photo Marketing Association) Annual Convention and Trade Show in February. This convention is held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida for the industry every year. The Maharishi School winning images will be shown at the 2006 PMA Trade Show along with the other winners, and will be seen by over 30,000 people.
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