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Maharishi Upper School Students Win 14 Photography and Art Awards at 2006 Superconference

Maharishi Upper School students entered 15 works and came away with 14 awards from the 2006 Southeast Iowa Superconference Art Show in Mt. Pleasant. The conference was held on March 28th at Wesleyan College.

The students entered their work into the contest, and then participated in workshops taught by professional art teachers. The rest of the day was spent at the University of Iowa Art Museum to view their current exhibit, master oil paintings and permanent works of African Art. All of the students had a great time and came away with these awards:

Photography : (B/W developed and printed by students)

1st place: Lane Weaver, Grade 10  B/W Photography “Microphone”
     (Judge’s comment--“Mastery over the technique--has an obvious
      affinity with the medium.”)
2nd place: Molly Brooks, Grade 12 Color Photography “ Textured Mirror”
Honorable Mention: Tim Shaw, Grade 11 B/W Photography (partial Sepia Toned print)
“Portrait of Devon”
Honorable Mention: Anjali Krystoviak, Grade 11 Color Photography “Bubble Lips”

See photos

Photography: (B/W developed and printed by students--Sabattier Technique)
1st Place: Ace Boothby, Grade 11 B/W Photography--Sabattier Technique “Jumping Jim"
2nd place: Toby Briggs, Grade 11 B/W Photography--Sabattier Technique “ Sister”
3rd Place: David Boyle, Grade 10 B/W Photography--Sabattier Technique “Portrait of Alana”

See photos

The Maharishi Upper School Photography teacher is Mrs. Carolyn L. Waksman.

1st Place: Dominic Rabalais, Grade 10 “Christ In Repose”
(Judge’s comment: “Composition: Boldness in design, with thought given to both images and negative space.”) --see photo

2nd Place: Serena Stackland, Grade 10 “ Palm Trees”--see photo

1st Place: Atish Dey, Grade 11 “ Death Mask”--see photo

Art--Mixed Media:
2nd place: Camille Morehead, Grade 11 “ Untitled--See photos

Art--Judges Category:
1st Place: Sylivia Shay, Grade 11 “Untitled”
Second Place: Laura Tarnoff, Grade 11 “Untitiled”
Honorable Mention: Ellora Hans-Price “Liv”

See photos

The Maharishi Upper School Art teacher is Mr. Greg Thatcher.
These winners and more will be in the MSAE Annual Art and Photography Show on the May 5th Artwalk at Central Park Furnishings Futon Store on the square.

Congratulations to all!