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Maharishi School’s Destination Imagination teams to attend Global Finals in Tennessee, May 23-26, 2006.

Out of a total of sixteen teams that will represent Iowa at the Destination Imagination (DI) Global Finals to be held at the University of Tennessee in May, five are from Maharishi School.  Even after the departure of Mark Headlee, who, for over a decade, was renowned as the “winningest coach in DI history,” Maharishi School continues as a powerhouse in this competition.  The teams are now under the guidance of Mark Wilkins.

More than 8,000 students, from all over the United States and many foreign countries, will compete at Global Finals.

The state competition was held at Grinnell College in March 7, 2006. Five of Maharishi School’s nine teams placed first in the state, which qualified those teams for the Global Finals.

In addition to the first-place wins at the state finals, two Maharishi School teams earned second place trophies, one team placed third, and one team placed fourth.

In addition to these wins, the first place Upper School girls’ acting team also won a special Renaissance award for outstanding creativity.

About Destination Imagination

DI is an international problem-solving program that focuses on the development of teamwork, independent creativity (adults are not allowed to help), critical thinking, technical skills, and performance. The teams are challenged to invent ingenious and entertaining solutions to complex challenges.

In addition to "Team Challenges," which are significant problems on which the teams work together for months, the competitions also involve "Instant Challenges," in which the teams must use their unbridled imaginations to create a novel response, within minutes, to a challenge they have never seen before.  For their long-term Team Challenges, the teams use art, technology, performance, and real world relevance, often devising elaborate presentations of striking originality.  For the Instant Challenges, students learn to have fun taking risks, as they channel their group creativity into pure improvisation.

More information about DI can be found at www.destinationimagination.org

Raising Funds

An extra challenge faced by the winning DI teams is fundraising, as it is a huge undertaking to send all 32 team members plus their coaches and chaperones to Global Finals for a week.

  • Fund raising begins with a Mother’s Day rose sale.  A dozen roses, purchased for $20, will be delivered to any Fairfield address the day before Mother’s Day.  Roses must be ordered in advance, by April 30. Call 469-3069.
  • The traditional huge DI multi-family Yard Sale will be held Saturday, May 13, at 1600 S. Main.  Donations are invited, excluding clothing and paperback books. Pickup is available: call 472-7196 or 469-3223.
  • A DI Showcase, where each team gives a taste of its winning performance, will take place at 7:45 pm, Saturday, May 20, at the Henry Ogden Clark Auditorium at Maharishi School. Admission is free. A silent auction of special donated items will be held during the showcase.
  • Fairfield businesses and individuals are invited to continue the tradition of their generous sponsorship of these teams and their trip to Global Finals.  Contact June Schindler at 472-9126, or Mark Wilkins at 472-6064.

The Winning Teams at State

Senior Division Girls

Acting:  “How’d that Happen” (First place and Renaissance award for creativity)  
Tegan Perry, Molly Brooks, Angela Folz, Suzannah Schindler, Serena Stakland, Minca Borg, Ella Hall. Team manager: Ron Perry.

Improvisation:  “On Safari” (First place)
Mira Moore, Talia Winningham, Nofiya Denbaum, Emily Wofford, Anjali Krystofiak, Julia Ross. Team manager: Mara Winningham.

Senior Division Boys 

Half and Half (half acting and half technical):  “Kidz Rulz” (First place)
Donnie Chell, Owen Stowe, Ace Boothby, Nathaniel Alexander, Mike Dearborn, Benji Jones, Tye Huggins. Team manager: Sue Huggins.

Balsa Wood:  “Inside Dimension” (Second place) 
Jake Gratzon, Noah Caplan, Nathanial Alexander, Mike Dearborn, Benji Jones, Jordan Stakland, Yale Shaw. Team manager: Mark Wilkins assisted by Aaron Hirshberg.

Technical:  “Back at You”  (Third place)
Josh Adams, Ace Boothby, Jake Gratzon, Newlin Wilkins, Simon Brooks, Hagen Rainbow, Tim Shaw. Team manager: Mark Wilkins assisted by Aaron Hirshberg.

Middle Level

Balsa Wood:  “Inside Dimension” (First place)
BG  Court, Eric Caplan, Dominic Borg, Holden Ketterhagen, Ryan Stakland, Toby James, Paul DeAngelis. Team manager: Maricela Stakland.

Acting:  “How’d That Happen” (First place)
Coco Clark, Tamasina Eagleson, Pandy Wadsworth, Danielle Briggs, Penelope Makeig. Team manager: Sue Briggs.

Improvisation:  “On Safari” (Fourth place)
Tahra Wilkins, Paavani Kar, Emily Pfoutz, Lila Cutter. Team manager: JoAnne Wilkins.

Elementary Level

Improvisation:  “On Safari” (Second place)
Mickey DeAngelis, Nathan Haerr, Merrick Winters, Avery Mullenneaux. Team manager: Karen DeAngelis