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From Haiyin: Feeling At Home in America

This month is my 5th month in America. I really enjoy life here. Before I came, I always heard people say it is really hard to be a friend of an American if you are not American yourself. At first, I worried about it, but when I got to school here, everyone was so helpful and... Read More »

Haiyin and the Senior Class Visit the Chicago Art Museum

One thing that I did here that I never did in Beijing was our class art trip. We have 10 boys and 11 girls in our class. The boys went to Chicago in a school bus, and the girls went in two vans. We took pillows and sleeping bags. In Chicago we rented two apartments, one... Read More »

Coming to America

My name is Haiyin. I come from Beijing, but now I study at an American private boarding school. This is a picture of me with my host family. I’m a senior student here, and this year is also my first year in this school. People always think I’m really brave because, in America, the senior year... Read More »

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