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Maharishi School Soccer Team Plays Rematch With Scattergood

Maharishi School hosted Scattergood for a rematch soccer game and dinner last night, and the game was close. We were missing two of our best offensive players, so it forced our team to pull together and rise to the challenge. We went down 2-0, came back with a goal and pressed for another one, but didn't... Read More »

Maharishi School 1-2-3 Boys Visit Nature Center

Maharishi School first through third grade boys have been studying insects since the beginning of the school year, and last week they got the chance to put their knowledge to the test!  The boys spent an afternoon at Jefferson County Park with naturalist Therese Cumminskey, sweeping the prairie section of the park with insect nets and... Read More »

Seed Pack Sale Delivers Donations and Dreams

Hello Gardeners, are you happy it's seed planting season again? I know I am! One of my favorite parts of garden planning is looking through the variety of choices in the seed rack at Everybody’s. When the seeds appear, it’s a sure confirmation that ice and snow are a finite experience, and spring is on the... Read More »

Artist of the Week: Isis Timm

Artist of the Week - Isis Timm, Grade 1 Our featured artist this week is Isis Timm, and we'd like to share her engraved tile depicting a Canadian Goose in flight. Isis chose her image from a book and with the help of her mother, art teacher Emily Timm, she learned to draw the image using... Read More »

Artist of the Week: Dominic Dupoux

Artist of the Week - Dominic Dupoux, Grade 6   Our artist of the week is Dominic Dupoux, who created a colorful and symmetrical ceramic box using a very precise process.  Dominic explains, "First I did a sketch, and I did the measurements based on that, then I measured and cut out pieces of paper, then... Read More »

Maharishi School Wins Award at Iowa High School Speech Association Competition

The Iowa High School Speech Association's All-State Festival was a special one for the Maharishi School team this year; in fact you could literally call it a banner year!  After working for months on their musical theater entry, a moving song called "Falling Slowly" from the musical "Once"; the team was awarded the Critic's Choice Award! ... Read More »

Artist of the Week: Uma Wegman

Artist of the Week - Uma Wegman, Grade 3   Our artist of the week is third grader Uma Wegman, who has moved into the second phase of our new illustration curriculum by choosing her own subject, a German Shepherd.   "I drew this because my dog is part German Shepherd and also because German Shepherds are... Read More »

Artist of the Week: Eliot Gamble

Artist of the Week - Eliot Gamble, Grade 3   Our featured artist this week is third grader Eliot Gamble, who really wowed us with his exuberant tropical bird drawing.  The illustration and colors are eye catching, and the three page, vertical format draws the viewer in with detail after detail, presented in harmonious balance.  Eliot... Read More »

Artist of the Week: Autumn Watson

Artist of the Week - Autumn Watson, Grade 6   "I'm really proud of my ceramics because in third grade when I started I wasn't very good and I didn't know how to do anything, but now I can make things really easily and I'm really happy with my art work!"             ... Read More »

Music Students Learn by Sharing

One important step of Consciousness-based education is the “fulfillment” step of teaching, where what has been learned is demonstrated, shared, and enjoyed. Maharishi School music teacher Miranda Mallard found at the end of the first quarter an excellent opportunity for her 9th grade Intro to Music class to experience fulfillment by sharing what they had learned... Read More »

The World is My Family

The World Is My Family Interview in TM Magazine with Daniela Hillman, Maharishi School Boarding Student from Mexico By Christine Albers, Director of Expansion Daniela Robles Hillman is busy packing. Today is her last day in Fairfield, Iowa, after spending her sophomore year as a boarding student at Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment (MSAE).... Read More »

Maharishi School Featured in Japanese Video

Earlier this year a delegation from the Akasaka TM Center in Japan visited Maharishi School, MUM and Fairfield to learn more about the success of the community here. A beautiful video story of their experience is featured below:

Students Successful at State Creativity Competition

Congratulations to Maharishi School’s winning teams at the Destination Imagination state competition! Program director, Mark Wilkins said that of the nine teams that competed at the state competition, six teams have qualified to compete at the international competition in May. All of the teams will perform for the Fairfield community at the annual DI Showcase, Dinner... Read More »

Students Selected For All-Golden Triangle Senior Class

Each year two students from every school in the Golden-Triangle area (Fairfield, Washington and Mt. Pleasant areas) is honored in the All-Golden TriangleSenior Class and featured in the Fairfield Ledger. The students are selected based on their performance in the areas of academics, extracurricular activities and leadership. Maharishi School students receiving this honor are Mickey DeAngelis and... Read More »

Happy Spring Vacation From Dr. Beall

Dear Maharishi School Community, I hope your spring vacation is off to a good start and that it includes enough warmth to thaw you out from the long winter! I returned home Thursday night from the senior class’s successful trip to Los Angeles. These trips have three purposes: 1) to connect with meditating peers in other... Read More »

See What School Can Be Kickstarter Project

Middle school teacher and alumnus, Richard Incorvia, is doing great projects with his students. He wants to create a documentary about this unique program. Here's what he has to say: Imagine a middle school where students choose to do real-world work. Follow the journey of teens who have taken over the local news. Our Goal We... Read More »

Winning Creativity at Destination Imagination Competition

At the Destination Imagination sub-state competition in Ames on March 8, Maharishi School students received top scores for their creative solutions to unusual challenges. The teams placed first in every category they entered, garnering 7 first-place finishes and 2 second place finishes.  “Our teams did really well at Sub-state, both in their long term and instant... Read More »

A Youthful Art Walk

From the Fairfield Ledger--March 10 The Fairfield Public Library was one of the sites of Friday’s Art Walk, where young people showed off their visual art and their skills at the performing arts.

How This Maharishi School Student Does It All

An Interview with Avery Travis By Christine Albers, from TM Magazine Issue 17 What does it take to be a National Merit Finalist, have a perfect grade point average of 4.0, and score in the 99th percentile on the SAT and ACT—all while participating in international and state competitions, varsity volleyball, and studying art to a... Read More »

Maharishi School on Canada TV-5

Last night Maharishi School was featured on French Canadian Channel TV-5 as part of a series called “Des Ecoles Pas Comme Les Autres,” (Schools Like No Others). For those who were not able to watch the show on TV, here is a link to the online version. This will only be available for one week. Read More »

A Four Generation Meditation

by Susan Michael-- It all started in 1969 when a young college student traveled across the country to learn Transcendental Meditation. Fast forward to 2013 in Fairfield, where the Honkanen family gather for a family reunion and to celebrate their newest meditator. Ava is 10 years old and has just been taught TM by her great... Read More »

Thanksgiving Greetings

Dear Maharishi School Parents, Faculty, Staff, and Board of Directors, It's become one of my favorite moments in the Maharishi School year, a tradition firmly established in Middle and Upper Boys Schools: the annual Pie & Chai Thanksgiving celebration. In addition to the goodies, we circulate around all of the boys and their teachers to share... Read More »

Glowing Consciousness on Stage at Maharishi School

By Christine Albers I look forward to Maharishi School's annual speech performance every year, but this year was different. As new host mom of Queena Zhou, a 17-year-old boarding student from China who bravely tried out for the speech program, I experienced the program in a very personal way. Queena garnered a small role in the... Read More »

Project Turns Students Into Archeologists

From Fairfield Ledger, by Andy Hallman-- Students at Maharishi School have recently received training in archeology. The middle school students at MSAE completed a five-week class project which involved studying a civilization’s culture through the artifacts it left behind. What excited the students was that they got to create a civilization and then turn its artifacts... Read More »

Greg Thatcher at Quad Cities International Airport Gallery

Greg Thatcher, Maharishi School Art Department Chair, will be showing his work along with three other Midwestern artists for the months of May and June at the airport gallery in Moline, Illinois. Greg was invited to submit works to the Quad Cities Arts Association last year and was subsequently chosen to exhibit his work. The gallery... Read More »

Earth Day Assembly

Fairfield’s Sustainability Director, Scott Timm, was the guest speaker for Earth Day. Scott began with a discussion of resources and energy consumption in Iowa and in Fairfield. He said that for long-term sustainability the United States needs to change its use of resources and energy infrastructure. Iowa is a small state, but Iowa uses more energy... Read More »

Why Support Destination ImagiNation

Destination ImagiNation (DI) is the world’s largest creativity and problem-solving competition and inspires participants in its programs to think on their feet, work together and devise original solutions to solve the mind-bending challenges. The students must come up with solutions to the challenges on their own, without adult interference. What Kids Learn Participants gain more than... Read More »

Maharishi School Represents Iowa in Afghanistan — Hearts & Minds Adventures Program

Maharishi School students are participating in an interactive, trans-national curriculum called Afghanistan — Hearts & Minds Adventures. Developed by Minnesota nonprofit Children’s Culture Connection, sponsorships of the program were awarded to one school in each of the 50 states, recognized for their missions, past work and commitment to globalism. The Maharishi School is representing Iowa and... Read More »

Eight Maharishi School Teams to Compete at Destination ImagiNation Global Finals

41 Maharishi School students came home State Champions from the Destination ImagiNation (DI) State Finals in Ames on April 6th. Out of the 12 teams from Maharishi School, 8 teams placed 1st and 2 teams placed 2nd. Iowa will send 15 teams to DI Global Finals, the largest creative problem-solving competition. More than 16,000 students from... Read More »

Alumnus Jonathan Freeman Speaks at Excellence Assembly

Captain Jonathan Freeman, Maharishi School graduate of the class of 1993, addressed Upper School students at a quarterly Excellence Assembly. Captain Freeman was in Fairfield visiting his family and graciously agreed to meet with the students to share some wisdom and principles of success that he has gleaned from his illustrious and varied career. Captain Freeman... Read More »

Maharishi Middle School Designs Phone Apps

The Maharishi Middle School has designed android phone apps as part of their math and science project-based curriculum. They have published 20 apps on the Google Play Store that as of today have been downloaded and installed 1550 times from over 24 different countries. Here is their link: Teachers Richard Incorvia and Barbara Hays made... Read More »

Richard Beall Reporting from China

Greetings from a high speed train (190 mph) floating past the flat-as-a-board Chinese countryside between Jinan and Tianjin. I am traveling with three other school representatives from Arizona, California, and Indiana and our Chinese colleagues, interviewing prospective students and meeting with the parents of our current students from Beijing to Shenzhen. If you are like most... Read More »

Waking the Inner Writer:  Consciousness in the Classroom

from Issue 10 -- by Dr. Richard Beall Power and insight are tucked into the title of veteran teacher Tom Kepler’s new book, "I Write: Being and Writing". Most of us read for the content of an article, a book, or a blog. If it’s an investigative piece, or is particularly creative, we might ponder the... Read More »

Maharishi Middle School Music and Sound Performance

Written by 8th grader Alista Wikle On Wednesday, January 16th, at 7:00 PM, Maharishi Middle School presented the product of their latest project, Music and Sound. They performed original instrumental songs using instruments they had created. In addition, student music videos using original music, lyrics, and choreography were shown. The Maharishi Middle School uses a project based... Read More »

Maharishi Middle School Students Attend Middle School Diversity Leadership

Four Maharishi Middle School students attended the annual Middle School Diversity Leadership Conference in St. Louis. They participated in workshops, simulations, and activities to broaden their awareness of diversity issues and promote advocacy for others. The eighth grade students, Melat Gibramarian, Jivani Rodriguez, Caleb Mullenneaux, and Philip Winer, were accompanied by the Head of Maharishi School... Read More »

New Introduction to Maharishi School

We hope you enjoy watching this wonderful new 5 minute video about our school. You may see your own child in here or your child's teacher. You'll definitely see many friends and people you know! Please share this with your friends, family and anyone who might like to move to Fairfield or send their children to... Read More »

Middle School Defenestration Day

On September 10th, at 1:00pm in the Maharishi School Courtyard, Maharishi Middle School will host the annual “Defenestration Day”. "Defenestration" is the act of throwing something out of a window. The Middle School will throw devices designed to save plastic gallons of water from a two story fall. The Defenestration project is part of the Project... Read More »

Vedic Knowledge Tools for Students Issue 8 - By Dr. Richard Beall What is Vedic knowledge and how do we see it expressed at Maharishi School? The minute students arrive at Maharishi School each morning, the uniqueness of the school becomes evident. The Vedic technologies they practice yield the kind of practical results that schools across the country and around... Read More »

Maharishi School Welcomes Six Students from China

School began one week early for six new boarding students from China. He Yuandi (Simon) , Dai Hongzhang (Tim), Li Yize (James) , Xue Yubo (Michael), Liu Yifan (Ivan), and Guo QianQian (Cathy), arrived for a one-week orientation that began on Monday, August 13. The new students learned about Consciousness-based education, the Fairfield community, and had... Read More »

Graduating Class of 2012

With great jubilation the Maharishi School class of 2012 celebrated their graduation over four days from June 7-10. The graduation address was given by alumna, Heather Hartnett, Communications Director of the David Lynch Foundation Television, and a member of the School Board of Trustees.  “People are desperate for solutions to bring real change. You have a... Read More »

Iowa Public Radio Interviews Maharishi School Teacher, Student

Lawrence Eyre and Minna Mohammadi were interviewed today on Iowa Public Radio's Talk of Iowa by Charity Nebbe for a show about how Iowans use meditation. The interview occurs during the second half of the show. Wonderful description of the value of deep restful alertness!

Maharishi School Seniors Excel in ACT Test and College Readiness

Maharishi School students are exceptionally well prepared for college, according to a recent report by the American College Testing (ACT) Program. Students in Maharishi School’s Class of 2011 who took the ACT had a composite average of 27.9, compared with the Iowa state average of 22.3 and the national average of 21.1. In addition to the... Read More »

Maharishi School Magic: Destination ImagiNation

By Dr. Richard Beall for TM Magazine in July 2011. To see the article in it's entirety go to: I’m six miles high, flying across the Midwest to Knoxville, TN, to join 14,000 of the world’s most out-of-the-box inventive kids. It’s Destination ImagiNation’s Global Finals, and we have five Maharishi School state champions representing Iowa. This is... Read More »

Maharishi School in England 100% Funded by Government

Maharishi Free School, United Kingdom Maharishi School has been accepted as a Free School by the UK Government, which means it will receive full support, including 100% funding, from now on. The UK Government has granted “Free School” status to the Maharishi School in Skelmersdale, whereby the School joins other state maintained schools in England. From... Read More »

Students Headed to International Creative Problem Solving Competition

Nine teams from Maharishi School competed April 9 at the Iowa Destination ImagiNation Competition in Ames. Five of those teams took first place and will compete at the International competition at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, the week of May 25. They will compete against thousands of students from over 30 countries. Destination ImagiNation is an... Read More »

Dr. Deans and the Senior Class Rendezvous in Rome

From School Director, Dr. Ashley Deans: It was great to meet up with the Maharishi School seniors in Rome and to participate in the latter part of their senior trip to Italy. Our guide in Rome was long time Governor of the Age of Enlightenment Roberto Baitelli (kneeling) who showed us many of the sights. The... Read More »

New Sister School Partnerships

From Dr. Beall, School Head: This is my last blog from China, but not about China. Later today we’ll begin the long trip home, curiously leaving Beijing at 4:10pm and arriving in Chicago at 4:19pm, the same day. But that’s with time changes after a 13-hour+ flight. This has been an extraordinary experience, from start to... Read More »

US Students Visit Sicily: EEG To Demonstrate Brain Effects

English translation of the press release that appeared in Italian newspapers announcing the arrival of Maharishi School seniors: Better Brains, Less Stress With Student Meditation. US Students To Visit Sicily: EEG To Demonstrate Brain Effects Fairfield, Iowa, USA – 20 US high school students are bringing portable EEG technology to Italy (Sicily, Florence and Rome) to... Read More »

Chinese Schools To Collaborate With MUM, Maharishi School

Reprinted from Fairfield, May 14 - An education delegation of five people representing a syndicated school system of three middle and high schools in China, recently visited MUM and Maharishi School for two days and signed two agreements to collaborate. The director of an education corporation, his assistant, and three principals from the schools met... Read More »


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