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Maharishi School Sophomore Competes in Global Healthcare Challenge 2017

Yes, I know I keep posting about Maharishi School sophomore Pranav Chhalliyil, but he's having such an exciting year that I can't help but share! In the last blog post, we learned about one part of the International BioGENEius Challenge 2017, the Gene Pool, and how Pranav won first prize in this fast-paced, exciting competition. Another... Read More »

Pranav Chhalliyil - 2016 Young Scientist Grand Champion!

When last we heard from Maharishi School student Pranav Chhalliyil he had been named the Iowa State Merit Winner for the 2015 Young Scientist Challenge. Pranav researched which oral cleaning methods are most effective, and studied these methods in an experiment with 88 subjects. He found that using activated charcoal to brush, followed by tongue cleaning... Read More »


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