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Maharishi School Alumnus Jason Shields Wins Ju Jitsu World Championship Gold

Imagine a person who meditates twice a day and what comes to mind?                                   Lotus pose? Brown rice? "Ommmmm"? Heel hooks? Side mount chokes? Wait, what? Ok, let me explain. If you’ve done any reading about Transcendental Meditation before, you already know that it’s not for a certain kind of person, and it doesn’t turn you... Read More »

David Lynch Accepts Co-Chair Position for Maharishi School Five Year Plan

For more than a year our Board of Directors has been busy crafting a new five-year plan.  In collaboration with Maharishi School faculty and staff, they have laid the groundwork to grow and sustain Maharishi School well into the future. At our annual opening Convocation, we all received some excellent news about the campaign: internationally acclaimed... Read More »

Hilary Nelson Earns MFA From University of Iowa

Maharishi School alumna Hilary Nelson is about to graduate from the University of Iowa with an MFA degree; however, her path to becoming an artist wasn’t always straightforward. Hilary has always been making art, but after graduating from Maharishi School she was one of the first students to enroll in the Sustainable Living Program at MUM.... Read More »

Developing the 200% Student in TM Magazine with Leanna Dawn Miller, Maharishi School Class of 2014 Pioneer Award Winner By Christine Albers, Director of Expansion It’s graduation day at Maharishi School. The seniors are dressed in white caps and gowns and will soon receive their diplomas. The valedictorian and the salutatorian have been announced. But there is one more... Read More »

The World is My Family

The World Is My Family Interview in TM Magazine with Daniela Hillman, Maharishi School Boarding Student from Mexico By Christine Albers, Director of Expansion Daniela Robles Hillman is busy packing. Today is her last day in Fairfield, Iowa, after spending her sophomore year as a boarding student at Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment (MSAE).... Read More »

Happy Spring Vacation From Dr. Beall

Dear Maharishi School Community, I hope your spring vacation is off to a good start and that it includes enough warmth to thaw you out from the long winter! I returned home Thursday night from the senior class’s successful trip to Los Angeles. These trips have three purposes: 1) to connect with meditating peers in other... Read More »

How This Maharishi School Student Does It All

An Interview with Avery Travis By Christine Albers, from TM Magazine Issue 17 What does it take to be a National Merit Finalist, have a perfect grade point average of 4.0, and score in the 99th percentile on the SAT and ACT—all while participating in international and state competitions, varsity volleyball, and studying art to a... Read More »

Kadie Roberts Wins “Miss Hawkeye State Junior Miss 2014”

Congratulations to Kadie Roberts, Maharishi School Junior, for winning the “Miss Hawkeye State Junior Miss” title at America’s U.S. Miss Pageant and Scholarship Program, held at the Blackhawk Hotel in Davenport, Iowa, on November 16. Kadie is now eligible to compete in July at America’s National U.S. Miss Pageant in Key West, Florida. America's U.S. Miss... Read More »

Glowing Consciousness on Stage at Maharishi School

By Christine Albers I look forward to Maharishi School's annual speech performance every year, but this year was different. As new host mom of Queena Zhou, a 17-year-old boarding student from China who bravely tried out for the speech program, I experienced the program in a very personal way. Queena garnered a small role in the... Read More »

Alumnus Jonathan Freeman Speaks at Excellence Assembly

Captain Jonathan Freeman, Maharishi School graduate of the class of 1993, addressed Upper School students at a quarterly Excellence Assembly. Captain Freeman was in Fairfield visiting his family and graciously agreed to meet with the students to share some wisdom and principles of success that he has gleaned from his illustrious and varied career. Captain Freeman... Read More »

Richard Beall Reporting from China

Greetings from a high speed train (190 mph) floating past the flat-as-a-board Chinese countryside between Jinan and Tianjin. I am traveling with three other school representatives from Arizona, California, and Indiana and our Chinese colleagues, interviewing prospective students and meeting with the parents of our current students from Beijing to Shenzhen. If you are like most... Read More »

Waking the Inner Writer:  Consciousness in the Classroom

from Issue 10 -- by Dr. Richard Beall Power and insight are tucked into the title of veteran teacher Tom Kepler’s new book, "I Write: Being and Writing". Most of us read for the content of an article, a book, or a blog. If it’s an investigative piece, or is particularly creative, we might ponder the... Read More »

New Introduction to Maharishi School

We hope you enjoy watching this wonderful new 5 minute video about our school. You may see your own child in here or your child's teacher. You'll definitely see many friends and people you know! Please share this with your friends, family and anyone who might like to move to Fairfield or send their children to... Read More »

Katy Perry’s Birthday Wish

For her birthday, Katy Perry tweeted fans to support Transcendental Meditation for school kids and veterans. "Transcendental Meditation changed my life. For my birthday I would love to pay it forward. In lieu of gifts, donate to:" Maharishi School appreciates the efforts of the David Lynch Foundation to assist people from at risk populations throughout the... Read More »

Maharishi School in the News

Dear Maharishi School Community, We're almost there! All of us at Maharishi School have been busy preparing for our Orientation Day on Monday for all parents. And of course we're gearing up for the start of school on Wednesday, beginning with our Opening Convocation at 9:30am. Parents are invited to attend. The media has also been... Read More »

Maharishi School Welcomes Six Students from China

School began one week early for six new boarding students from China. He Yuandi (Simon) , Dai Hongzhang (Tim), Li Yize (James) , Xue Yubo (Michael), Liu Yifan (Ivan), and Guo QianQian (Cathy), arrived for a one-week orientation that began on Monday, August 13. The new students learned about Consciousness-based education, the Fairfield community, and had... Read More »

Graduating Class of 2012

With great jubilation the Maharishi School class of 2012 celebrated their graduation over four days from June 7-10. The graduation address was given by alumna, Heather Hartnett, Communications Director of the David Lynch Foundation Television, and a member of the School Board of Trustees.  “People are desperate for solutions to bring real change. You have a... Read More »

Iowa Public Radio Interviews Maharishi School Teacher, Student

Lawrence Eyre and Minna Mohammadi were interviewed today on Iowa Public Radio's Talk of Iowa by Charity Nebbe for a show about how Iowans use meditation. The interview occurs during the second half of the show. Wonderful description of the value of deep restful alertness!

Key to Education Success

Featured on CBS 2 News May 17: Thursday, May 17 2012, 10:05 PM CDT  -- FAIRFIELD, IA (KGAN/KFXA) -- Tucked deep in Iowa's flatland, among the barns and fields, is one of the 12 great place Mother Earth News says you've probably never been. It's the city of Fairfield, Iowa, and something has been happening in... Read More »

Big Ideas and Vertical Thinking at Maharishi School

From Issue 6 by Dr. Richard Beall - April 2012 As Head of Maharishi School, people commonly ask me, “What is different about Maharishi School?” We’re a college prep school, so our students learn about quadratic equations, cell mitosis, literary analysis, historical perspective, and all the rest. But what makes learning at Maharishi School unique? In... Read More »

Seniors Present: Travelling to San Francisco

The seniors of Maharishi School would like to invite you to a presentation on their recent trip to San Francisco. They have many experiences and photographs to share and would like to thank you and everyone who supported them for this unforgettable trip. It is a time they will never forget. In their eight days the... Read More »

Community Broadcasts of 'Oprah's Next Chapter' 

Join us Sunday evening for a live broadcast of 'Oprah's Next Chapter: America's Most Unusual Town': Dalby Hally in the Argiro Center on MUM campus at 7:30  Sondheim Center at 7:00 program airs at 8:00 CT Watch the preview here>> Enjoy photos from Oprah's visit to "America's Most Unusual Town" All images: (c) 2012 Harpo, Inc./George Burns ... Read More »

O Magazine Features Oprah Meditating in Fairfield

Oprah writes in O Mag about her visit to TM Town and meditating with ladies in their Golden Dome from Ken Chawkin: In the February 2012 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Oprah in her column, on page 162, What I Know for Sure, shares her mission in life, what she’s all about: seeking the fullest... Read More »

Tennis Coach Lawrence Eyre Featured on TM.Org

AN INTERVIEW WITH LAWRENCE EYRE, "NATIONAL TENNIS COACH OF THE YEAR" Eleven-year-old Lawrence Eyre loved tennis from the first moment he set foot on court. He learned to play in the public parks of Moline, Illinois, and in high school he became the Quad-Cities singles and doubles champion. At Yale University he varsity lettered his freshman... Read More »

Ambassador from Nepal Addresses Student Assembly

Maharishi School was honored to have  the distinguished Nepalese Ambassador, Mr. Pramesh Hamal, address the student body on Monday, October 10.  Mr. Hamal is the Nepalese Ambassador to Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and Brussels, and also the uncle of student Praman Hamal. He toured the school with his wife, Sangeeta, and gave an inspiring address to the... Read More »

Maharishi School Magic: Destination ImagiNation

By Dr. Richard Beall for TM Magazine in July 2011. To see the article in it's entirety go to: I’m six miles high, flying across the Midwest to Knoxville, TN, to join 14,000 of the world’s most out-of-the-box inventive kids. It’s Destination ImagiNation’s Global Finals, and we have five Maharishi School state champions representing Iowa. This is... Read More »

Students Headed to International Creative Problem Solving Competition

Nine teams from Maharishi School competed April 9 at the Iowa Destination ImagiNation Competition in Ames. Five of those teams took first place and will compete at the International competition at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, the week of May 25. They will compete against thousands of students from over 30 countries. Destination ImagiNation is an... Read More »

US Students Visit Sicily: EEG To Demonstrate Brain Effects

English translation of the press release that appeared in Italian newspapers announcing the arrival of Maharishi School seniors: Better Brains, Less Stress With Student Meditation. US Students To Visit Sicily: EEG To Demonstrate Brain Effects Fairfield, Iowa, USA – 20 US high school students are bringing portable EEG technology to Italy (Sicily, Florence and Rome) to... Read More »

Haiyin on Why Maharishi School Students Achieve So Much

In 2010 and 2011 nine students at our school won national awards or scholarships for their achievements in academic areas. Two students won such awards at the state level. Twelve teams from our school were selected to compete at the state level in theater or speech. Out of nine winners in art at the state level,... Read More »

Maharishi School Alumni Speak At January 12 Celebration

Honoring the birthday of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has been a long-standing tradition at Maharishi School. This year’s celebration was especially memorable for Maharishi School graduates, Tasha Blitz and Jeremy Jones, class of 2005. Jeremy and Tasha attended Maharishi School from the age of five. Jeremy graduated in 2009 from Maharishi University of Management. Tasha  has a... Read More »


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