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Testing & Evaluation

Maharishi School administers the Iowa Test of Educational Development
(ITED) to students in grades 9–12, to assess the development of intellectual
skills that represent the long-term goals of secondary education. In
1995-1996, grades 9–12 all scored in the 99th percentiles respectively based
on National School Norms and also on Iowa School Norms for these grades.
Over the past ten years Maharishi School classes have consistently scored
above the 95th percentile on the ITED.

Iowa Test of Basic Skills: Students in grades 5–8 take the Iowa Test of
Basic Skills (ITBS). Although the School has a liberal admissions policy, these
students consistently score above the 90th percentile based on national school
norms. In addition, research published in the journal Education has shown
that new students at Maharishi School, grades 3 through 8, exhibited
significant increases in academic achievement as measured by the ITBS.
Substantial gains in achievement were found within one academic year of
attending Maharishi School.

Otis Lennon School Ability Test: Students in grades 4–12 are assessed in
the area of reasoning utilizing the Otis Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT).
Maharishi School students consistently score above national norms.

Moral Development: A study of secondary students at Maharishi School
found that the students exhibited a greater amount of prosocial behavior
responses on Kohlberg’s Moral Atmosphere Interview than students attending
special alternative schools based on Kohlberg’s participatory democratic
approach to moral education (research presented to the American Educational
Research Association, Chicago, Illinois, April 1985).

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