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The Transcendental Meditation Program in Other Schools

“In my life and the lives of the students and teachers who practice
Transcendental Meditation in our school, we have noticed greater composure
and peacefulness and more ability to handle times of stress and difficulty. The
students are more in touch with themselves, their world, and one another.
Transcendental Meditation is a marvelous aid to balanced growth, and fits into
any cultural or religious tradition.”—Brother Jeffrey L. Calligan, F.S.C.,
Principal and Headmaster of St. Paul’s School, Covington, Louisiana

“Nineteen eighty was a crucial year for us because we had to compete in a
new educational system. When I heard that the Transcendental Meditation
technique also improved alertness, memory, and concentration in students, and
that it would improve their performance classes, I decided that all my students
and teachers should learn.

“Right away I noticed that discipline improved tremendously in all the classes,
and the students seemed brighter and happier. Then I saw the results on their
public exams”—they scored in the top ten percent first class! More students in
Standards X and XII have achieved first class and distinctions than any other
non-governmental school in India, and they have won many awards and prizes
in inter-school co-curricular competitions.

“Also, the problems we used to have with our staff have just cleared up
naturally. Any negative influences are neutralized by the positivity in the whole
school atmosphere. Discipline has improved tremendously. It would help any
school improve their quality of education and bring about a peaceful
atmosphere. It benefits not only the student, but the parents and the whole
community as well.”—Mrs. Y.G. Parthasarathy, Principal, Padma
Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School, Madras, India

“We have seen the results of the Transcendental Meditation program in 22
schools, including jail schools and orphanages. The research project
conducted by the psychology department of the University of Madras on these
schools showed that the students’ stress levels were reduced and they were
more disciplined. Also the incidence of disease amongst the students
decreased. In addition, I noticed that they seemed happier, brighter, and more
physically active. It gave something very valuable to their lives.”—Mr. P.V.
Raju and Mrs. D. Lath Raju, School Teachers, Madras, India
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