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Art Teacher Greg Thatcher Finds Inspiration in England

Maharishi School’s own Mr. Thatcher has become famous under England’s yew boughs. Greg travels overseas most summers to draw in St. Mary's Churchyard in Painswick, England. He sits with these ancient yews, and has discovered their visual language.

This year, Britain’s Stroud News featured Thatcher’s work in an article. They note that he has been drawing St. Mary’s yews for more than 20 years. “The yew trees were planted in the Middle Ages and Mr. Thatcher says they form the most beautiful yew tree avenues in the world,” writes Stroud News reporter Hayley Mortimer. “He first saw them in a travel brochure while working in Lancashire in 1991. At first, he worked from photographs but after visiting the churchyard he was inspired by the different shapes and intricate details. Mr. Thatcher said: ‘I have been drawn to them. I just keep seeing deeper and deeper levels of where I can start. The process is very stimulating and nourishing to my creativity and imagination.’”

Fellow Maharishi School faculty member, Lucinda Hall has been a longtime admirer of Thatcher’s work, and owns some of his yew tree prints. When looking at the transition from some of his older yew art to the newer forms, she says, “This is an amazing journey into the depths of creation. Look at what he’s uncovered this year. This passage is far from ending, and keeps getting more and more profound. Look at the layered detail of his branches!”

Mr. Thatcher comments to Stroud News, “Even after 20 years I am still finding more angles and more information to work with. I love Painswick and enjoy coming back each year. My trips have been pivotal to my career. It has given me access to a unique and inspiring landscape.” He spends six to eight hours a day drawing when he is there and spends more than 350 hours to complete one drawing. is the place to see his work. There is also a video called “Branch Out: Transcending with Yews” explaining his process at this link: Dare I say it? Yes, Mr. Thatcher’s work is forever green!
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