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Maharishi School Powers Past Fairfield Girls Tennis

By Carson Tigges, Ledger sports editor | May 04, 2011

Fairfield’s No. 1 Ena Alcan was absent Tuesday, and Maharishi School took advantage with close wins up and down the lineup to post a 7-2 victory.

Haylee Gilpin stepped in to play No. 1 singles for the Trojans, but couldn’t keep up with Minna Mohammadi, who kept her strong season going winning 10-1. Sophia Medvedeva, Pearl Sawhney, Camille Goodale and Paavani Kar also won for MSAE while Dalls Grijalva duked out a 10-8 singles victory for Fairfield at No. 6.

Grijalva also picked up a doubles win alongside Alex Higdon thanks to an 11-10 (7-1) tiebreaker victory.

Next up for Fairfield is a home match against Keokuk Tuesday, while MSAE will host Albia and Holy Trinity Saturday.

Maharishi School vs. Fairfield


1. Mohammadi (M) def. Gilpin (FF) 10-1

2. Medvedeva (M) def. Diers(FF) 10-7

3. Sawhney (M) def. Clements (FF) 10-6

4. Goodale (M) def. Palmer (FF) 10-6

5. Kar (M) def. Higdon (FF) 10-6

6. Grijalva (FF) def. Shreck (M) 10-8


1. Mohammadi/Goodale (M) def. Gilpin/Clements (FF) 10-1

2. Medvedeva/Sawhney (M) def. Diers/Palmer (FF) 10-3

3. Higdon/Grijalva (FF) def. Kar/Shreck (M) 11-10 (7-1)

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