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New Teachers, New Schedule for the School Year

We do it for the kids! Our students are why we faculty and administrators come back every year. And this year we have new items to enliven their minds and hearts. We have new faculty and students, plus a fresh Upper School schedule.

Here Is The New Middle-Upper School Faculty:

* Amy Labagh will be teaching 9th and 10th grade English-Language Arts, 11th grade Writing, and 12th grade Senior Thesis. She'll also be one of three teachers collaborating on a new Global Studies course being offered this year to our 9th and 10th graders. Amy is a Maharishi School (2002) and Emerson College (English major) alumna, and has worked in the publishing industry for the last four years, most recently with Random House in Manhattan. She brings significant professional writing and editing experience to the classes and is excited about starting her teaching career.

* Brandon Hyde will teach Global Studies to grade 10 boys, American Government, and World History. Brandon is a life-long Fairfield resident, graduate of FHS and Simpson College where he double-majored in history and vocal performance (opera!), and a bunch of minors, too! He's also hoping to coach, after playing basketball and other sports at FHS. You may know Brandon's father; he owns Fairfield Tire & Auto Service. In addition to his social studies classes, Brandon will assist with the vocal aspects of our speech program, directed by . . . 

* Ben Estey. Ben is another Maharishi School alum, and a veteran stage performer and coach. This year he'll have a Theatre Arts elective in blocks 1 and 4, and Speech Competition in Blocks 2 and 3, along with the Speech class for 9th graders in Blocks 2 and 3.

* Tasha Blitz (Class of 2005) is teaching Science of Creative Intelligence classes to the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade girls, and the Global Studies course to the 9th and 10th grade girls. She'll also be working with Martha Stewart to promote the Development of Consciousness for all of our students. She is a qualified teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique, worked with the David Lynch Foundation, and taught the TM program on the East coast.

* Jeremy Jones (also Class of 2005) will teach several math classes and Science of Creative Intelligence classes to the 11th and 12th grade boys. He taught our SAT Preparation class several times in the past. Jeremy's also hoping to help coach several sports. He, too, is a qualified TM teacher and worked with now fiancée Tasha for DLF and as a full-time TM teacher.

* Michael Cook, yet another graduate of the School and MUM, will be teaching our Sustainable Living courses this year. With the added Elective period, we're able to expand this to two Blocks for both boys and girls. Those courses, along with the addition of our new kitchen, will enhance the greening of Maharishi School.

* Rick Rudloff will teach physics and math for us. Rick is an experienced teacher and engineer, and brings both practical knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching to our school.
We Also Have Some New Faces At The Lower School:
* Syndy Casey is bringing music back to Maharishi School! Syndy will be teaching vocal music to our elementary students every morning—before she goes to her classes in MUM’s masters degree program in Maharishi Vedic Science. Syndy has extensive experience with all types of music, everything from start-up programs with at-risk kids to taking orchestras to Europe on performance tours. She’ll also offer instrumental lessons.

* Karen Sherbondy will direct our School Library/Media Center. Karen and her husband Don moved from Arizona where she has worked in schools for many years. We’re excited to have such an experienced educator guiding this integral part of our school’s academic program.

* Jan Wixon is the Resource Teacher for the Lower School. Jan has credentials in Reading and Special Education, and brings a wealth of experience in school settings. She will be a great asset to not only our Lower School teachers and families, but also to consult with the Middle and Upper Schools.

New Upper School Schedule:
The exciting news about our Upper School schedule is that we’ve added an elective period right after lunch. That gives us a five-period day. Because of the elective period, we have more time for academics, and can add some Social Studies and World History classes. Middle School will continue on its popular authentic project-based timetable. 

Here is a look at our new schedule:
9:28-9:38 Sanskrit
9:40-10: 35 1st Period (55 minutes)
10:38-10:50 TM in 2nd period classrooms
10:50-11:45 2nd Period (55 minutes)
11:45-12:30 Lunch
12:30-1:15 3rd Period Electives (45 minutes)
1:18-2:13 4th Period (55 minutes)
2:15-3:10 5th Period (55 minutes)
3:15 TM program for all students, including sidhas
4:00 Meditators finish program
4:30 Sidhas finish program

Year-Long Electives
More electives! Electives throughout the school year! Speech runs the middle quarters, sandwiched by Theater so students can study the performing arts all year. Portfolio and Studio Art expand the depth of the art experience. Desktop Publishing will run the last two quarters to bring us the Maharishi School Yearbook. Have you seen our new kitchen? Our seed-to-plate program is now complete with the addition of Culinary Arts classes for the four seasons. 

Here Are The Choices For Those 5th-Period Electives:
Quarter A
______Art Portfolio
______Cooking: Summer’s Bounty
______Research in Science and Technology
______Theater Arts

Quarter B
______Art Portfolio
______Cooking: Autumn Harvest and Holidays
______Research in Science and Technology
______Speech Competition

Quarter C
______Cooking: Eating Through the Winter
______Desktop Publishing I, II, or III
______Photography I or Photography Portfolio
______Studio Art
______Research in Science and Technology
______Speech Competition

Quarter D
______Cooking: Taste of Spring
______Desktop Publishing I, II, or III
______Photography II or Photography Portfolio
______Studio Art
______Research in Science and Technology
______Theater Arts

Coherent Common Program
The shining jewel of the new schedule is our coherent common program time. The last few years have had student meditators and sidhas meditating at different times. Now we will meditate at school at the same time. School ending is pushed to 3:10, allowing PE to extend beyond 5pm. This gives students and coaches a more comfortable routine—they can finish and go directly home.

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