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Scientific Research

The studies on the Transcendental Meditation® technique listed below are a sampling of the more than 600 research studies conducted at over 200 independent research institutions.


  • Development of Intelligence—Increased IQ in University Students
  • Improved Memory
  • Increased Use of Hidden Brain Reserves
  • Increased EEG Coherence during Transcendental Consciousness
  • Dr. Travis Presents Paper Comparing Forms of Meditation at the Annual Conference on The Science of Consciousness in Tucson.


  • Physiological Indicators of Deep Rest
  • Reduction of High Blood Pressure
  • Younger Biological Age
  • Decreased Insomnia
  • Reduction of High Cholesterol
  • Reduced Illness and Medical Expenditures
  • Decreased Outpatient Visits Indicating Healthier Aging
  • Decreased Cigarette Smoking
  • Decreased Alcohol Use


  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Increased Personal Development
  • Decreased Depression
  • Increased Calmness

Professional Life

  • Increased Job Satisfaction
  • Improved Job Performance


  • Decreased Terrorism
  • Decreased Crime Rate in Cities
  • Global Maharishi Effect: Reduced International Conflict


View video on the benefits of Transcendental Meditation, with Dr. Michael Dillbeck.